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Live From New York

Lee Konitz, Dan Tepfer, Bill Frisell, Sam Amidon, Vinny Golia, Lisa Mezzacappa, Wayne Krantz & Cliff Almond

By Published: April 27, 2012
Whilst some folks might have mourned this two-thirds, bass-less situation, it actually presented a forum for appreciating the intricacies of Krantz's style, in more of a relaxed free-form ramble. Not that there was any lack of disciplined tightness between strings and sticks. Almond already possesses a practiced and intuitive melding technique with Krantz, scattering suddenly shifting polyrhythms with a bewildering rapidity that was nevertheless always on the right forward-pushing track. Normally, time-changes and melody shifts happen with a mysterious unity when the Krantz trio is splicing tight. A similar experience was found in this duo dialogue, though with extra space allowed for phrase-wriggling and snicking embellishments. Krantz is continuing to evolve his peculiar vocal-guitar twinning technique, which is part jazz scat, part Indian tabla-talk. His laidback delivery was deceptive. Yes, this was Krantz in relaxed shape, but the music's spontaneous reactions were still right on the edge of scimitar precision. A cerebral gush, or a gutsy rumble?

Photo Credit

Adam Siegel

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