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Matthew Shipp Quartet with Paul Dunmall: London, September 8, 2011

By Published: September 29, 2011
Even with such wonderful parts, the whole was greater, as exemplified by the quicksilver pas de deux between Dunmall and Shipp which began the second piece in first set. Shipp settled on a pattern which provided the port of entry for drums and bass and propelled the reedman into a skittering, rapid-fire excursion. A crescendo of overblown shrieks acted as a fulcrum, tipping Shipp's comping to mirror the reedman's hyper-fast staccato. Similarly the start of the second set illustrated how easily inspiration might be gleaned: at one point Sanders struck his drums with a tiny finger cymbal to achieve a clipped reverberation, which Shipp somehow echoed on the piano, flicking his hands from the keys outwards to replicate the sonority, before adopting it as a motif which once more launched Dunmall's high-intensity soprano saxophone, peppered with some astonishing vocalized cries.

Mark Sanders

Both sets of Shipp's gig with Parker the previous day were recorded along with a studio session the afternoon of this concert for release on the Paris-based Rogue Art label in 2013. Any aspiring producer looking for new pleasures in the meantime could do much worse that document this fabulous quartet.

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All Photos: John Sharpe

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