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Bunky Green: Urgency and Continuity

By Published: October 3, 2011
AAJ: Is there a spiritual element within your work?

BG: Yes, yes, yes. There's definitely a spiritual element. I can only do the things I do because God gave me this talent, and it's really not mine. Because God gave it to me, it's my duty to develop it to the highest level I possibly can. It's something that will only shine through me if I'm in contact with the Creator. It's this light of mine, and I'm going to let it shine. It's not about ego. It's about getting ego out of the way. In my case, the only ego part is that I feel good in that after all of these years, I'm getting credit for creating a style. There are thousands of marvelous saxophonists wonderfully endowed with technique, but it's not about that. It's about having someone say, "There was a person who came along named Bunky Green, and he left something behind for other saxophonists to work on stylistically. He was his own person. He's a creator." And that's in line with the Creator, period.

Selected Discography

Rudresh Mahanthappa/Bunky Green, Apex (Pi Recordings, 2010)

Bunky Green, The Salzau Quartet Live at Jazz Baltica (Traumton Records, 2008)

Bunky Green, Another Place (Label Bleu, 2006)

Bunky Green, Healing the Pain (Delos, 1989)

Bunky Green, In Love Again (Mark, 1987)

Bunky Green, Places We've Never Been (Vanguard, 1979)

Bunky Green, Visions (Vanguard, 1978)

Bunky Green, Transformations (Vanguard, 1977)

Bunky Green, The Latinization of Bunky Green (Cadet, 1967)

Bunky Green, Playin' for Keeps (Cadet, 1966)

Bunky Green, Testifyin' Time (Argo, 1965)

Bunky Green, Step High (Exodus, 1960)

Photo Credits
Page 1: Courtesy of Label Bleu
Page 2: Courtesy of Rudresh Mahanthappa
Rudresh Mahanthappa
Rudresh Mahanthappa
sax, alto

Page 3: John Kelman
Page 4: Courtesy of Pi Recordings

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