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Eric Vloeimans: Hyper Fugimundi Gatecrash

By Published: November 20, 2008
AAJ: Who, musically and personally, do you want to be?

EV: I want to be myself and nobody else.

AAJ: Why should anyone invest money and time in your music?

EV: I wouldn't know. Do I have to say now that I am the greatest and worth investing into? [Laughs]

AAJ: How do you keep in musical, physical, intellectual and emotional shape?

EV: I spend quite a bit of time alone in my practice studio writing and practicing. I meditate, and take power walks through nature and swim to keep in shape as a trumpeter as well.

Selected Discography

Eric Vloeimans/Gatecrash, Hyper (Challenge Records, 2008)
Eric Vloeimans, Gatecrashin' (Challenge Records, 2007)
Eric Vloeimans, Summersault (Challenge Records, 2006)
Bob Brookmeyer New Art Orchestra, Waltzing with Zoe (Challenge Records, 2002)
Enrico Pieranunzi Quartet, Alone Together (Challenge Records, 2001) )
Eric Vloeimans, Bitches and Fairy Tales (Challenge Records, 1999)

Photo Credits

Merlijn Doomernik

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