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Eric Vloeimans: Bitches and Fairy Tales

By Published: June 1, 1999
Eric Vloeimans is a hot young trumpeter from Holland who has been making inroads in Europe for the last several years. This cat has plenty of chops and a strong compositional pen so the folks at Challenge Records decided to align Eric with an International, or perhaps superstar rhythm section. Therefore, Eric is afforded the luxury of performing with pianist John Taylor, drummer Joey Baron and bassist, Marc Johnson. Now that Eric is in the drivers seat they turn him loose as the end results on Bitches and Fairy Tales are exemplary.

Vloeimans displays a superb range on his composition titled, "Midnight Child". On this track, Vloeimans is melodic, fleet-fingered and soulful, as the compassionate support from this creme de la creme of rhythm sections is near flawless. Vloeimans lyrical and concise phrasing is noticeably evident on his composition, "Weirdo March". This piece is a mid-tempo swing affair featuring lovely, climactic and harmonically rich piano performances from the great John Taylor. "Penan Song" has a loose feel supported by Baron and Johnson's odd metered swing developments. Here, Vloeimans and Taylor trade bright choruses and exchange some memorable solos while Baron and Johnson press onward through shifting tempos and engaging utilization of dynamics. On this piece Baron and Vloeimans square off and trade some call and response dialogue in somewhat of a playful or innocent manner. Mid-way through this recording it is outwardly apparent that this star-studded rhythm section was geared up for this project. The relaxed feel yet brilliant coordination serves Vloeimans well as witnessed on "Good Ol' Benz" where Vloeimans receives sharpshooter type support from his rhythm section. On this track Vloeimans clean crisp yet bold and brassy sound shows maturity and years of practice! Vloeimans is able to sustain interest throughout the entire affair. A fine soloist indeed. The proceedings settle down a bit on Vloeimans soft and somewhat sentimental piece titled, "Millennium Years Away".

Eric Vloeimans is such a gifted stylist for a relatively young man. Vloeimans can dazzle with speed and articulation yet one of his major attributes is his willingness to blend traditional "jazz" elements with an occasional off-center approach. Bitches and Fairy Tales is a storybook of sorts, as told through the mighty trumpet of Mr. Vloeimans. Highly Recommended * * * * 1/2


Eric Vloeimans; Trumpet: John Taylor; Piano: Marc Johnson; Bass: Joey Baron; Drums.


Record Label: Challenge Records

Style: Straight-ahead/Mainstream

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