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Charlie Peacock: Exhibits Curiosity, Returns to Jazz Roots

By Published: June 23, 2006
Networking in New York helped Peacock assemble the recording's personnel. "[Bassist] James Genus introduced me to [pianist] Uri Caine—I love his album Zohar Keter (Knitting Factory, 1999)—who recommended [trumpeter] Ralph Alessi to me. I went to a [trumpeter] Dave Douglas show at the Village Vanguard and talked with Dave afterwards about trumpet players. He said, 'Yeah, Ralph is the guy,' and gave me his number." Kip Kubin and Tony Miracle of electronica's Venus Hum provide ambient treatments of Peacock's piano on several tracks. Also on deck are Genus, Flecktones bassist Victor Wooten and woodwind multi-instrumentalist Jeff Coffin, [guitarist] Myles Boisen and [drummer] Gino Robair of Splatter Trio, [drummer] Joey Baron, [saxophonist] Kirk Whalum, guitarists Jerry McPherson and Kurt Rosenwinkel, Tower of Power organist Roger Smith, and Nashville session drummer Jim White.

Ravi Coltrane is the thread that ties the project together and brings Peacock's jazz vision full circle. Including Coltrane in the ensemble "made sense to me historically because I've been so influenced by his father. It's great because his father is the single greatest iconic saxophonist in history. But that aside, Ravi himself is a very sensitive and kinetic improviser. He's very much a gentleman and great to play with."

Peacock is keeping very busy with Runway Network, producing Karl Denson's Tiny Universe and other up-and-coming artists. He is now gearing up for a national tour with Jeff Coffin and young New Orleans trumpeter Maurice Brown. Life outside the CCM ghetto holds much promise for this faithful iconoclast.

Selected Discography

Charlie Peacock, Love Press Ex-Curio (Runway Network, 2005)
Sam Ashworth, Gonna Get It Wrong Before I Get It Right (Runway Network, 2005)
Charlie Peacock & Friends, Full Circle (Sparrow, 2004)
Sara Groves, The Other Side of Something (INO, 2004)
Audio Adrenalin, Worldwide (Forefront, 2003)
Switchfoot, Beautiful Letdown (RED Ink/Columbia, 2003) (Producer only)
Twila Paris, True North (Sparrow, 1999) (Producer only)
Charlie Peacock, Kingdom Come (Rethink, 1999)
Sarah Masen, Carry Us Through Chordant, 1998)
Switchfoot, Legend of Chin (Rethink, 1997)
Eric Champion, Transformation (Essential Records, 1996)
Charlie Peacock, Strangelanguage (Forefront, 1996)
Charlie Peacock, Everything That's On My Mind (Sparrow, 1995)
Phil Keaggy, Time 1 (Myrrh, 1995)
Out of the Gray, Gravity (Sparrow, 1995)
Margaret Becker, Soul (Sparrow, 1993)
Amy Grant, Heart in Motion (A&M, 1991)
Charlie Peacock, The Secret of Time (Sparrow, 1990)

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Charlie Peacock

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