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The Musical World Of J.J. Johnson

By Published: March 4, 2004
Click here for Vic Schermer's All About Jazz interview with JJ Johnson and the authors, Joshua Berrett and Louis Borgois III on the publication of this new volume.

NOTES: The reviewer, Vic Schermer , is a psychologist, former trombonist, and jazz afficianado in Philadelphia, PA. He writes about jazz for several websites.

To learn more about J.J. Johnson and his music, and for instructions about how to order the book, visit The J.J. Johnson Homepage.

Thanks are due Matt Calvert, webmaster of the J.J. Johnson Homepage, and Tom Lawton, jazz pianist extraordinaire and instructor at Esther Boyer School of Music at Temple University and the Music Department of Bucks County Community College, for their invaluable assistance in making this interview possible.

The photo images in this review were reproduced with the permission of Scarecrow Press, J.J. Johnson, Joshua Berrett and Louis Bourgois. These images may not be further reproduced without their express written consent.

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