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What's the best way to introduce someone to Jazz?

AAJ Staff By

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Date: 25-Apr-1999 11:25:56
From: Alfonso
Someone spoke earlier about some audiophile brands making stereos that make listening to Jazz a whole new experience. Would you kindly share some of those brands (amps and speakers) with the non initiated please? I'd truly appreciate!! (my excuses for posting a question not directly related to jazz music, but if it really makes that much difference, then it could be worthy to many of us, couldn't it.)

Date: 30-Apr-1999 00:11:44
From: john preston lovett ( jlovett@bigfoot.com )
I was fortunate to go to a high school in the 50's where the cool thing was jazz...Shearing, Brubeck, Herbie Mann, Mulligan...they were all doing concerts in the high schools, the junior colleges, etc. Then a couple of the labels put out anthologies that brought you from the "muddy blues" to the streets of New A'lins, to West Coast Jazz. A local DJ by the name of Don Howard did a 4pm to 7 pm gig that introduced us Left Coast kids to what was happening back east. WOW!! My dad managed a theatre for a while that had live jazz shows on Sunday evenings, so guess who was back stage playing gopher for Lionel Hampton, Woody Herman, etc. It's a shame that real life intefeared and I had to go to work; but at least I had the money to spend on my records (then tapes, and finally CD's). All in all, a good half century of the worlds best music...ever changing, but always top quality!

Date: 30-Apr-1999 02:44:35
From: C. Glatzel ( carlg@bantudesign.com )
I say you brainwash this alleged accolyte with some Miles: Birth of the Cool Sessions. If that doesn't work, bring out the big guns with the full box set of Live at the Plugged Nickel. That oughtta teach 'em!

Date: 03-May-1999 14:09:02
From: Nathanial Hendler
The best way to introduce someone to jazz is to do it when they're young, or play for them the stuff that you dig, and have dug for a long time.

I agree that 'who the listener is' matters, but I don't think it's a matter of rock=this and folk=that and classical=another. I was a big pop/rock fan, but I never would have liked any fusion. I hate easy listening, but I took to cool jazz right away. My dad had a Jimmy Giuffre 3 LP that I spun relentlessly. Big Band was an early interest of mine. Nat King Cole, then Duke Ellington. Then Bop. etc... I kind of followed the jazz time line. Maybe that's a good method?

Date: 19-May-1999 19:36:25
From: neenbeen
It is spectacular and romantic because it is in the moment and we are amazing creations . Musicianship, passion, ideas AND spontaneity.

Date: 29-May-1999 14:26:41
From: Adão Paulo (wich means Adam Paul) ( brasilianews@bsbnet.com.br )
My very first time with jazz was 10 years ago, when i was in a weird bar( at least at that time it looked like to me)and I stopped talking to my friends to whose was that voice. Guess who? Billie Holiday. I probably had heard jazz before, but i wasn't touched untill that time. I'm still in love with Billie, but i also discovered some popes of the Jazz like T. Monk, Milles, Parker, Tatum, Marsallis, Dizzie, etc, etc, etc. As you see, i'm kind of fan only of the standers of the jazz. But no one else from today's gets my attention. Knowing my style, would you introduce me to newer musicians ? I'd apreciate that. By the way, i'm journalist here in Brazil's capital.

Date: 31-May-1999 19:25:30
From: Elen
A number of people have mentioned taking someone to a live jazz event....I'd agree but I wonder what people think about which TYPE of events are useful introductions? I recently went to a local venue (a UK pub)..music great, band really loose & free, but I must have been one of only three people in the whole audience who moved my body (and I'm only talking about moving my foot or slightly swaying, never mind dancing!). I imagine the rest of them know more about jazz than I'll ever know (they acted like it anyway) but what gives with this cerebral-only approach?...I wanna move my body! Anyway, my new-to-jazz friend wanted to leave half-way through as he felt uncomfortable in the atmosphere..and I couldn't blame him. Not sure if this is gender related or not (I'm female). Or is it age? There were few of us under forty there....

Date: 31-May-1999 23:17:35
From: Susie Q
I used to listen to blues and blues-rock (Clapton, Allman Bros, BB King, Muddy Waters etc.). So, my new boyfriend and I split a bottle of wine over dinner. He put on a jazz saxophone record—Zoot Sims (I learned later)— he kissed me and undressed me, and gave me a slow, loving licking. What a solo!

All night it was Lester Young, and Count Basie, and all this bluesy, sexy stuff that I didn't even know existed! I was a convert from that night on!! Very deep associations—I guess. . .

Date: 09-Jun-1999 15:22:26
From: WGMC
Try this

Date: 22-Jun-1999 14:57:07
From: Angela P.
I suggest listening to the local jazz station as an excellent( not to mention free)way to introduce someone to the world of Jazz.


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