Eric Sierveld: Walk The Walk

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Eric Sierveld's debut outing with the newly formed Organic Quintet is, true to its name, an organ driven affair which shares many similarities with some of the most traditional organ-based endeavors of the past five decades. Even the smoky production values of soaring brass and organ walls clashing with cymbal crashes are present in this production and therewith fulfill the second meaning of the ambiguous group title, which is the creation of a truly organic sound-collage. From the first few seconds of opening "The Last Innovator" on, this record proves a highly energetic undertaking which teleports the listener into a barely lit bar with a bright stage in another time, where time stands still.

Helping trumpeter Sierveld realize this set of 7 originals—add an interpretation of Rodgers & Hart's "Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered"—are some of the most accomplished protagonists of New York's jazz scene today. Apart from arguably the most prominent instrumentalist on the record, Steve Snyder on organ, the recording furthermore profits from Jonathan Kreisberg's years of experience as a guitarist with the Lonnie Smith Organ Trio and finds him taking credit for two compositions as well as demonstrating thrillingly singular guitar work. Be it during solos or when comping, Kreisberg's tone and phrasing are very prominent in the mix and give the arrangements fresh twists and turns while simultaneously augmenting the dynamic reach and general volume of the ensemble.

Whilst most compositions are on the swinging bop side of things, the elevated variety of instrumentation (as opposed to a classic B3 Organ trio) gives these charts a more diversified soundscape. Not only does each player demonstrate a personal and unique language but the mere palette of color the different instruments diffuse furthermore emphasizes the extensive dynamic range and therewith thrilling delivery, resultantly making the—on average—eight minute tunes go by in the stroke of a key. After the muddy blues workout that is "The Other Side (of the Hudson), " Walk The Walk finds the quintet finishing on a more exotic note with the Latin rhythmical exercise "Split-Finger." The melodic leaders deliver their most poignant solos on this tune and go out with a bang.

Sireveld's fluid trumpet lines always seem to get to the point precisely at the right time. Even more striking comes his clear musical vision which is defined by an overall democratic treatment. Ultimately it is these two virtues which further elevate the quality of the pleasant compositions at hand and round off an enjoyable journey.

Track Listing

The Last Innovator; Toughin' Up; Walk The Walk; Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered; Occam's Razor; B-Town Bop; The Other Side (of the Hudson); Split-Finger.


Eric Siereveld: trumpet, flugelhorn; Tony Barba: tenor saxophone; Jonathan Kresisberg: guitar; Mitch Shiner: drums; Aaron Gochberg: Conga (Track 8).

Album information

Title: Walk The Walk | Year Released: 2018 | Record Label: Shifting Paradigm Records


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