Vlatko Stefanovski: Until I Satisfy My Artistic Appetite

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AAJ:As one of the most active Macedonian musicians, how do you balance between an active music career and having a family?

VS: It's not easy. I'm trying to balance and compensate i.e. when i'm home I try to be of use to my family. When i'm out there I'm also trying to be useful to them as this is my job and this is how I earn for a living. None of these things are simple and i have to balance things as the family is a safe base you return to and from which you set off. I think I wouldn't have been that much productive without them. I think I would have spent more time in clubs and places and I might have led a more bohemian lifestyle, which doesn't necessarily has to mean alcohol and drugs. These are some of the misconceptions that are part of the public opinion that by definition every musician is a substance abuser. All of the musicians I know are normal people. There are people who do that, but, not everyone has the image of a Keith Richards, Ozzie Osborne and not everyone is like Kurt Cobain. There are different roads to thread and I have chosen this one. I live my life just the way I want to live it.

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