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By Chris Burnett

I am taking a different approach to the Musings in Cb column these days due to the fact that my own performance schedule has become an active one offline. I still write, but not with the frequency that I once did when the column started here in 2001 and I had just moved back home to the Kansas City area. So, this article provides a run-down of what will be occupying my musical thoughts when I don't have a saxophone in my mouth. Here are some of the Musings in Cb subject ideas and highlights that I am developing for potential future articles:

Feature Stories


Phil Davis and PhD Productions: Phil Davis is a recording artist, composer and producer for many noted names in contemporary jazz today. I've recently had the pleasure of working with him on one of my own original compositions. Phil is founder and CEO of PhD Productions and based in Atlanta. This musing will feature an article about Phil's extensive body of work in the mainstream music industry, along with an interview that will discuss his own distinct style, which is commonly known as the Atlanta Underground Sound. www.PhDProductions.net


Bob Baldwin: I first became aware of Bob Baldwin's music through his having made it available online at MP3.com. Bob is a veteran musician and recording artist with several National charting releases for both his own label and major jazz labels alike. This musing will feature an article about Bob's career and his astute business sense, along with an interview discussing his approach to both music and marketing his products. www.BobBaldwin.com


Jim McFalls: Jim McFalls is a former military band colleague of mine and is also one of the finest trombonists playing and teaching jazz music today. He has literally toured the world playing jazz as a member of the elite official touring jazz ensemble of the US Army [Jazz Ambassadors, Washington DC], performs and records extensively in the Washington DC area, and is the director of the Jazz Ensemble at Towson University that established prominence under the leadership of the legendary Hank Levy. This musing will feature both an article and interview with Jim. www.JimMcFalls.com


Bruce Shockley: Diversity of musical styles and skills, best describes another friend and colleague, Bruce Shockley. A Nashville based freelance and studio musician, Bruce sings, regularly performs on several instruments, writes and arranges music prolifically, and has toured with many of the noted performers in music today. This musing will include an article and interview with Bruce about his new publishing company. www.SmoothMelon.com


Stan Kessler: One of the first trumpet players that I heard when we moved back home to the Kansas City area was Stan Kessler. When I first heard him blaze through the changes to "Cherokee" at a break neck tempo, my first thought was - Why is this guy not more well known in the jazz world? With his recent release of a new CD [titled, Open ], this musing will explore Stan's background through both, an article and interview discussion. www.StantonKessler.com


Erica Lindsay: Go back with me a moment to the late 1970s to a jazz club called the Domicile in Munich, Germany. We are going down the stairs to the performance area and are hearing this fiery tenor saxophone soloist mesmerizing everyone within listening distance. As the bandstand comes into view, we see a petite young lady who looks about 14 years old, standing behind that tenor sax and making all of that thunder come out of it. That's how I first met Erica Lindsay. This musing is an article and interview with Erica about what she has been doing since her Candid Records debut [ Dreamer - 1990]. www.EricaLindsay.com


'ASR Records: This article features the Kansas City independent jazz label that was co-founded by Ahmad Alaadeen and Fanny Dunfee back in 1995. The label has developed to serve as more of a recording artist cooperative, rather than the traditional model of financial backer of artists. This evolution is in keeping with Alaadeen's career and his personal philosophy as one of the elder statesmen of Kansas City Jazz, regarding the need to mentor, encourage and nurture emerging jazz talent. www.Alaadeen.com



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