A tribute to Hamiet Bluiett, and new releases

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A large part of this show features a tribute to the late Hamiet Bluiett, one of the pre-eminent exponents of the baritone saxophone known for his outstanding solo work and a key member of the World Saxophone Quartet. There are also a selection of new releases with some highlights from the ECM back catalogue.


  • Stefon Harris & Blackout "Dat Dere" Sonic Creed (Motéma Music) 00:00
  • Benoit Delbecq, Jorrit Dijkstra, John Hollenbeck "Place" Linger (Driff Records) 06:40
  • CLT Trio "Sky So Pink" Every Second Is a Blues (CLT Records) 13:02
  • Hamiet Bluiett "Gumbo (Vegetarian Style)" Bearer of the Holy Flame (Black Flame) 17:12
  • World Saxophone Quartet Featuring Jack DeJohnette "The Road to Nefertiti / Nefertiti" Selim Sivad—A Tribute to Miles Davis (Justin Time) 24:26
  • Music Revelation Ensemble "The Dawn" In the Name Of (DIW) 35:42
  • World Saxophone Quartet "Paper Works" Live at Brooklyn Academy of Music (Black Saint) 43:40
  • Hamiet Bluiett Sextet "Baried Treasure" Young Warrior, Old Warrior (Mapleshade Records) 52:36
  • CLT Trio "Indigo Fall On The Sea" Every Second Is a Blues (CLT Records) 59:13
  • Stefon Harris & Blackout "The Cape Verdean Blues" Sonic Creed (Motéma Music) 01:05:20
  • Benoît Delbecq, Jorrit Dijkstra, John Hollenbeck "Stalk" Linger (Driff Records) 1:11:21
  • Markus Stockhausen, Simon Stockhausen , Jo Thönes "Carnaval" Aparis (ECM) 1:17:21
  • Aparis "Fire" Despite the Fire-Fighters' Efforts... (ECM) 1:22:52
  • Gerard Lebik, Piotr Damasiewicz, Gabriel Ferrandini "Part IV" veNN Circles (Bocian Records) 1:29:14
  • Chick Corea & Gary Burton "Part 5 Brasilia" Lyric Suite For Sextet (ECM) 1:35:29
  • Dave Sewelson "Calm Pose" Music for a Free World (FMR Records) 1:47:22
  • CLT Trio "Yellow Panic On The Train" Every Second Is a Blues (CLT Records) 1:52:38
  • Benoît Delbecq, Jorrit Dijkstra, John Hollenbeck "Dwell" Linger (Driff Records) 1:56:11
  • Stefon Harris & Blackout "Now" Sonic Creed (Motéma Music) 2:00:28


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