Top 25 MP3 Downloads: 2015

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All About Jazz tracks how often a featured MP3 is downloaded, and the following represent our top 25 in 2015. If you missed them the first time around, give them a listen now, and enjoy!

Download Other Minds
By: Mario Dueñas
From: Beliefs  (Self Produced)
Featured: 2015-12-28

Download Astrologic
By: Ernesto Aurignac
From: UNO  (Self Produced)
Featured: 2015-12-31

Download The Nearness of You
By: Dennis DeMille
From: Sonority  (Sonority Records)
Featured: 2015-12-30

Download Think of One
By: Alex Conde
From: Descarga for Monk  (Zoho Music)
Featured: 2015-12-29

Download Intervalo em Ponte de Sôr
By: Nuno Guedes Campos
From: Sensations Illusions  (Sintoma Records)
Featured: 2015-12-27

Download Things
By: Javier Alcántara
From: Short Stories  (Self Produced)
Featured: 2015-12-26

Download Dolphin Dance
By: Michael Palma
From: Michael Palma Live  (Self Produced)
Featured: 2015-12-25

Download Waltz for MD
By: Glenn Zaleski
From: My Ideal  (Sunnyside Records)
Featured: 2015-12-24

Download Song of my people
By: Enzo Torregrossa aka ZONE
From: SOLO  (Irma Molto Jazz)
Featured: 2015-12-23

Download You And The Night And The Music
By: John Fedchock's New York Big Band
From: Like It Is  (MAMA Records)
Featured: 2015-12-22

Download Theme For Ernie
By: Time For The Timeless All Stars
From: Time For The Timeless All Stars  (Early Bird Records)
Featured: 2015-07-06

Download That Smile On Your Face
By: Pedro Madaleno
From: That Smile On Your Face  (Self Produced)
Featured: 2015-07-02

Download Más allá de todo
By: Caseros Hollywood
From: Código de Barrio  (Pai Records)
Featured: 2015-07-04

Download Grunge
By: Javier Garcia
From: G.A.P Tr3s  (Self Produced)
Featured: 2015-02-26

Download Galan en Ruta
By: Caseros Hollywood
From: Antitributo  (Pai Records)
Featured: 2015-03-16

Download Rush
By: Oytun Ersan
From: East Meets West  (Self Produced)
Featured: 2015-07-21

Download Fly
By: Brian Landrus
From: The Deep Below  (Palmetto Records)
Featured: 2015-07-22

Download Way To Etretat
By: Mark Wingfield
From: Proof Of Light  (Moonjune Records)
Featured: 2015-07-17

Download The Way You Look Tonight
By: Mary May
From: This is What You Are  (Self Produced)
Featured: 2015-04-25

Download This is for Zawinul
By: Javier García
From: Mate Voodoo  (Pai Records)
Featured: 2015-05-05

Download Folksong
By: Lajos Dudas
From: Live at Salzburger Jazzherbst  (JazzSick Records)
Featured: 2015-03-03

Download Solo
By: Enzo Torregrossa aka ZONE
From: SOLO  (Irma Molto Jazz)
Featured: 2015-09-18

Download Gently f. Paris Toon & Mothers Favorite Child
By: Tanya Tiet
From: Tanya Tiet -EP  (New Sound Network)
Featured: 2015-01-28

Download What Is This Thing Called Love?
By: Glenn Zottola
From: Reflections Of Charlie Parker  (Classic Jazz Records)
Featured: 2015-05-15

Download Efémero (Ephemeral)
By: Rogério Godinho
From: Eterno Regresso (Eternal Return)  (Self Produced)
Featured: 2015-10-18

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