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The Dude Abides

Mark Corroto By

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Tracks: Overture; Bridge Solo—Keefe; Was Ist Kultur?; My TIme Is My Own; Pasturale; There Is No Language Without Deceit; Hierarchy Follies; Round Goal; Bridege Solo—Dave; Neither Spin Nor Weave; Roses.

Personnel: Wacław Zimpel: clarinet, alto clarinet; Peter A. Schmid: bass clarinet, e flat clarinet, sopranino saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass saxophone; Marc Stucki: bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, harmonium); Keefe Jackson: bass clarinet, tenor saxophone; Mars Williams: sopranino saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone; Thomas K.J. Mejer: sopranino saxophone; Dave Rempis: alto saxophone, baritone saxophone.

Look Like You're Not Looking

Tracks: Look Like You're Not Looking; Stay Here, I'll Come To You.

Personnel: Jonah Parzen-Johnson: baritone saxophone, vocals, analog synthesizer.


Tracks: Bloomer; Sea Urchin; Heights; Calm; Kimono; Fluid.

Personnel: August Rosenbaum: piano; Thomas Morgan: bass; Mads Forsby: drums; Joel Gjærsbøl: guitar, effects layering; Jakob Bro: guitar; Lars Greve: saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet; Otis Sandsjö: saxophone; Victor Dybbroe: percussion.

Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile

Tracks: Invocation; Humility Draws Down Blue; All Nations; Twelve Sighed; Spares Of The World; Secret Coven; River Ruby Dues; Confessor Haste; Amma Jerusalem School; For This Is; Responsory; The Labor Of Their Lips; Was The Sacred Day; Lesson; Woman Red Racked; Thanks Be You; Humility Draws Down New; Benediction.

Personnel: Matana Roberts: alto saxophone, vocals, conduction, wordspeak; Shoko Nagai: piano, vocals; Jason Palmer: trumpet, vocals; Jeremiah Abiah: operatic tenor vocals; Thomson Kneeland: double bass, vocals; Tomas Fujiwara: drums, vocals.

Stone Fog

Tracks: Cold Blue Sky; Old Feet Feet Out The Path; A Sudden Shift Missed; As The Moon Dips In Nettles; Hundred Of Wings Steel the Sun; River Willows Sway; One Side Of My Face Is Colder Than The Other; Stone Fog.

Personnel: Wacław Zimpel: bass clarinet, alto clarinet, Bb clarinet, tarogato, overtone flute; Krzysztof Dys: piano; Christian Ramond: double bass; Klaus Kugel: drums, percussion.

At The Plough Stockwell

Tracks: Free Blow Segue / Ann; Just A Matter Of Time; Relative Space / What's That; Whoops A Daisy: Home / What's That.

Personnel: Robert Calvert: saxophones; Jon Corbett: trumpet; Nick Stephens: electric bass; Nigel Moyse: guitar; Martin Holder: guitar; John Stevens: drum.

Colorado At Clinton

Tracks: Devil's Side (for Javier Chavez); Shadows; Wind Streaks In Syrtis Major; Shades Of India; Constellations On The Ground (for Chris Whitley); Dokonori Shīīto.

Personnel: Dennis González: C trumpet, Bb trumpet; Aakash Mittal: alto saxophone; Aaron González: bass; Stefan González: drums;


Tracks: Borealis; Felt; Deep; Zwischenfall; Shift; Zeiteinheit; Set; Vetreiben.

Personnel: Paul Stapleton: bonsai sound sculpture; Simon Rose: baritone saxophone, alto saxophone.

Tragically Hip

Tracks: DragonFlys; Cerial Killer Moms; Solitary; The Art Of Poetry; Black Leather & Connies; The Revolution; Flux.

Personnel: Albey Balgochian: bass, vocals; Jane Grenier B.: spoken word.

Beyond The Lines

Tracks: Vogio Una Donna; Celtico; River Spirit; Freak In Freak Out; The Clockwork; Bale Con La Uno; The Judge Says You Are Not Innocent; Days of Old; The Lost Call; The South Song; The Easy Whistler.

Personnel: Personnel: Ratko Zjaca: guitars; Simone Zanchini: accordion; Martin Gjakonovski: bass; Adam Nussbaum: drums.

Spy Boy

Tracks: Onnellinen; Shallow Water; I Thank You Jesus; Nighty Night; Francis P; Indian Red; Rain Rain Rain; Meniscus; Wizards; Israfil; Indians; Don't Stand Up; Zubr Dubr.

Personnel: Tom Challenger: saxophone, clarinet; George Crowley: saxophone, clarinet; Dan Nicholls: bass clarinet, saxophone; Rory Simmons: trumpet; Alex Bonney: trumpet; Nathaniel Cross: trombone; Theon Cross: tuba; John Blease: drums, percussion.

Sonic Mandala

Tracks: Part One (Invitation); Part Two; Part Three; Part Four; Part Five; Part Six; Part Seven (slow); Part Seven (medium); Part Seven (fast); Part Eight; Part Nine; Part Ten; Part Eleven; Part Twelve (Universal Mother).


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