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Tracks: Ol' Dirty Hummingbird; Into The Rising Sun; ArNus NusAr; Over The Rainbow; Evetch; Six-Handed Casio; Love I Feel For You Is More Real Than Ever; Basilio's Crazy Wedding Song; Arvore De Cereja E Ausente; Taking Back the Sea Is No Easy Task.

Personnel: Rob Mazurek: cornet, Elvolver, harmonium, ring modulator, analog delay; Mauricio Takara: cavaquinho, percussion, electronics; Guilherme Granado: keyboards, samplers, synthesizer, voice.

The Electric Miles Project

Tracks: Agharta Prelude; Mad Love Pt. 1; Direction; Ife; Sivad; Mad Love Pt. 2.

Personnel: Chris Kelsey: soprano saxophone, straight alto saxophone; Rolf Sturn: electric guitar; Jack DeSalvo: electric guitar; Joe Gallant: electric six-string bass; Dean Sharp: drums.


Tracks: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9.

Personnel: Michael Coleman: keyboards, electronics; Aram Shelton: saxophone, live processing; Alex Vittum: drums, percussion.

Design Your Future

Tracks: Albumblatt Für Herrn Schprögel; Parl; Au Bois; Suite En Eb: Andante Misterioso; Agitato; Zoppicando; Tempestoso; Lalila; Autägleche Wandverchehr; Au Bois (Spacetet Version); Design Your Future; Oh My God.

Personnel: Lucien DuBuis: alto saxophone, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet; Roman Nowka: bass, guitar; Lionel Friedli: drums; Estelle Beiner: violin; Regula Schwab: violin; Isabelle Gottraux: viola; Babarara Gasser: cello.

Mitt Ferieparadis

Tracks: Feda Bru; Logatunellen.

Personnel: Christian Skår Winther: electric guitar; Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard: electric bass; Anja Lauvdal: Korg MS10; Heida Karine Johannesdottir Mobeck: tuba; Joakim Heibø Johansen: drums.


Tracks: One; Two; Three; Four.

Personnel: Caspar Brotzmann: electric guitar; Marino Pliakas: electric bass; Michael Wertmüller: drums; FM Einheit: steel (trk 3, 4).

Western Winds Bitter Christians

Tracks: Western Winds Bitter Christians; Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, California / The Harmony of Altamont; Rye; We Would Be Building; Revolt of the Dyke Brigade; America; My Station Will Be Changed After While.

Personnel: Will Graefe: guitar; Jeremy Gustin: drums.


Tracks: Landing; Book Of Dreams; Intro/Outro; Pulse; World On A Wire; Archaea.

Personnel: Jeff Snyder: analog synthesizer; Sam Pluta: laptop.


Tracks: Mixed N.1; Abstraction N.1; Savoy Blues/Undecided; Today; Giant Steps; Rituals N.2; Abstraction N.3; Traditions N.1; Rituals N.1; Traditions And Rituals; Muskrat Ramble/Scrapple From The Apple; Clusters N.4.

Personnel: Franco D'Andrea: piano.


Tracks: Calumet; Center Pier; Bascule; Foreground; Standing West.

Personnel: Tim Daisy: drums; Jason Stein: bass clarinet.


Tracks: Am Hang; Oscillator Dog; Baumhaus; Mâchoire; Neuntöner; Großer Onkel; Ohrschuft; Kleiner Stromer; Kleimasker.

Personnel: Thomas Herberer: trumpet, quarter-tone trumpet; Achim Kaufmann: piano, prepared piano.

Live On The Riviera

Tracks: Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe; Birth of Mirth; Masonic Inborn; Oh! The Love Of Life; Island Harvest; Heart Love; Ghosts.

Personnel: Albert Ayler: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, musette, vocal; Allen Blairman: drums; Steve Tintweiss: double bass; Mary Maria: vocal, soprano saxophone.

Desolation Row

Tracks: North; Square; South; Moog; Circle; Drone 1.

Personnel: Richard Pinhas: guitar, electronics; Oren Ambarchi: guitar, drums, electronics; Lasse Marhaug: electronics, noise; Duncan Nilsson: electronics, noise; Etienne Jaumet: saxophone, analog synthesizer; Noel Akchoté: stereo guitar; Erick Borelva: drums.


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