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Meet Tut Burks: Brilliant Soul is King Tut's introduction to the world. In a musical era where increasingly more entertainers come assembly-line packaged from image to content, King Tut as a producer, writer, arranger, lyricist, and overall musician commands a second glance.

As a classically trained saxophonist reigning from New Orleans, Louisiana, King Tut has been honing his musical talents for more than eight years. On Brilliant Soul" King Tut masters the balance between fusion, innovation, and grounded music that speaks to the soul. Infused with a progressive energy, this delightful medley of hip-hop, jazz, and R&B will be sure to satiate any music lover's appetite. So take a listen and prepare to catch the summer glow from one Brilliant Soul.

Instrument(s): Saxophone, flute, keys.

Teachers and/or influences? The biggest influence for me musically and in life is the Divine Element, where all sounds and concepts originate. This has been my primary Teacher. One of the most profound teachers in flesh that has impacted me the most would have to be Professor Edward "Kidd" Jordan, of Southern University in New Orleans. I am influenced by Miles Davis and his insatiable urge to resurrect new soundz and new concepts. I'm influenced by a Tribe Called Quest. Their sound is poetic but very jazz-oriented. Love it!!!

I knew I wanted to be a musician when... I knew i wanted to be a musician when I decided I didn't want to get a "real" job. Ironically, this is turning out to be "real" work, but at least I love it and I'm passionate about it.

Your sound and approach to music: My sound is everything and nothin'. It's everything you've ever heard before but it's none of that too, because my approach to music is inspired by the divine and the nothingness of the mind at peace. I seek to learn as much as I can about the musics of the earth, modern and from antiquity, and stretch to the outer recesses of the galaxy with my intuition and earth knowledge.

Your teaching approach: My approach to teaching students is that everybody is capable of playing music, it's not some "special" thing for "special" people. I mean, music is extremely special, and so are musicians, but that ability is latent in all of us and it just needs to be tapped in and drawn out. This is my approach to create an environment where my students have the fundamentals, and then allow that indwelling information to manifest itself, right in front of their eyes. I guess the Socratic method if you will.

Your dream band: Hmmmmm, this is a difficult question only because right now I do have the band of my "dreams," but let's stretch out for a second. My dream band would consist of Ravi Shankar, Fela Kuti, me on sax (of course), DJ Premier on the turntables, Elvin Jones on skins, Charlie Mingus on bass and Thelonious Monk on keys. I really want Miles in my band but he's a bit moody....I think I'll just love him from a distance. I think it's better that way.

Anecdote from the road: Nah, not yet. hopefully soon. lol.

Favorite venue: The best venue I've played in thus far has been B.B. King's in Manhattan. The spot was just top notch. I mean, fettuccine and fish in the dressing room; the stage and sound system was on the next level. Played with a brother named "myself" and Arrested Development. And, drum role ladies and gentlemen, I got paid.

Your favorite recording in your discography and why? Hmmmm...I would have to say my favorite is the only CD I have out right now...Introducing...Brilliant Soul, ladies and gentlemen. You can cop it right now at www.cdbaby.com/kingtut. Thank you very much!

What do you think is the most important thing you are contributing musically? Well, first from the start I'll say that the most important thing in music is the emotion, the human connection and spirit has to be there; if not it's like a sin, not even a musical sin, but a sin.

But aside from that my whole style is about universality; bridging the gap between then and now, you and me, them and us. In my music ain't none of that. On any given day I'm what you love and what you might not love so much. But it all comes from seven notes with some sharps and flats; why not do it all, all music originates from one source...ya dig!

Did you know... That I left New Orleans a month before Hurricane Katrina, to come live in New York to go to music school, but dropped out after one month, and being at St. Nicks Pub in Harlem, extremely too late like every other night. Yep, now you know.

How do you use the internet to help your career? Well, the internet is very important, especially for someone like myself that doesn't have the machine (corporate machine) backing me and putting up serious loot. So right now is a beautiful time to be doing business, because the internet eliminates the space between me and you, I can go directly to the consumer or viewer of listener through sites like this and MySpace, and sell through CDBaby or other online distribution sites. Internet helps a lot.


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