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Meet Tim Paul Weiner:
Tim Paul Weiner is a freelance bassist, songwriter, and composer living in Boston, MA. His early musical career was spent between Los Angeles and the Midwest before moving to the east coast in 2000. He is a Fodera and Epifani artist and a Berklee College of Music Film Scoring graduate. He received his Master's degree in Modern American Music from the Longy School of Music of Bard College, where he most recently studied jazz bass with John Lockwood, classical bass with Pascale Delache- Feldman, free music with Joe Morris, and improvisation with Peter Cassino.

Weiner's first release as a leader with his group, Evoke Ensemble, is Groove for Peace (Self Produced, 2012). The album is a collection of his original music and is an eclectic, bass-driven musical hybrid steeped in groove and improvisation, inspired by jazz, influenced by film, with flavors running the full musical spectrum from world music to classical and beyond. Bass Frontiers magazine called it "a much needed and very cool release! ... The pieces flirt with film score landscapes and world music, while being grounded in jazz with distinct R&B groove sensibility that aims ever skyward and beyond. Groove For Peace is an absolutely full spectrum outing."

Tim Paul performs in many eclectic ensembles as an electric and double bassist focusing on styles including North African Chaabi, funk, world music, jazz, and more; he also performs and records with many songwriters in the area. He is the house bassist for two churches on Boston's south shore.

In addition to being a bass guitarist, he is also a composer, songwriter, vocalist, and bass teacher. His compositions have an underscore-like quality and his film compositions have been featured at the Woods Hole Independent Film Festival and The New York Independent Film Festival.

In February 2013, he premiered a solo piece for 5-string electric bass, Edgar Varese's "Arcana Variations" (with variations by Dr. Peter Evans of the Evans-Anti-Art- Ensemble), at the prestigious Longy School of Music's Pickman Hall in Cambridge, MA.

Primarily electric bass. I also play double bass, guitar, and piano.

Teachers and/or influences?
Influences: Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

I knew I wanted to be a musician when...
My older brother—who is a musician—heard me playing piano by ear and gave me a guitar for my birthday, with the caveat of hearing what I could do after a month or so. I ended up transcribing bass lines by ear, and didn't even realize I was only hearing the bass until he told me!

Your teaching approach:
Making a positive difference in someone's life is one of the greatest gifts that one can give. Some of the greatest gifts in my life were lessons learned from my first music teacher, to my professors in grad school, from my grandfather's wisdom to my two young children teaching me about patience. I'm a lifelong student and voracious learner and this is something I want to be able to pass on to my students-a love and thrill for learning.

I believe that the best musician is not only the best for obvious reasons, but also more so because of their innate ability to empathize with the human condition, and through their art evoke emotions within us with grace and humility. Artists who can expand their field and open our eyes, creating something new and vibrant while still paying homage to the past. I enjoy teaching because I enjoy being taught. I know the satisfaction of being able to do something that previously may have seemed abstract or distant, and it's very satisfying and humbling to watch a student achieve their goals just like I did. I believe my desire to teach comes from my father's—who is a surgeon and a scholar— appetite for learning. His lust for learning and teaching is as alive today as it ever was. Like him, I have a desire to prepare students for the demands of today's ever-changing industry. Sure, technology has exponentially expanded the resources that are available, but it still takes a good teacher to be able to filter and discern the good information from the not so good. It's still the face-to-face pedagogy that gives students the ability to learn from mistakes or grow from one milestone to the next. It's that time-honored tradition of passing information from one person to the other that makes students better. I was taught to learn from the masters and that's what one of my key philosophies still is. Creating a unique voice through transcribing and performing, of taking something tried-and-true and adding it to your tool kit by making it part of your own voice.


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