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Meet Nuevo Tango Ensamble:

Bandoneonist Gianni Iorio, pianist Pasquale Stafano and bassist Pierluigi Balducci have pooled together the love they share for jazz and classical music and their devouring passion for tango and in particular for Astor Piazzolla's music, by setting up a by now well-experienced ensemble that performs all over Europe.

Their particular and original sound is accompanied with a poetry, melody and great energy and the original compositions of the trio find a Mediterranean variation of a world jazz-tango idea.


Bandoneon, piano, bass.

Teachers and/or influences?

Astor Piazzolla, classical music, modern jazz.

I knew I wanted to be a musician when...

When I was eight years old I dreamed of taking flight to perform all around the world

Your sound and approach to music:

The music and the melody first of all.

Your teaching approach:


Your dream band:

To perform with great guest of our band like Gary Burton.

Road story: Your best or worst experience:

The best: To perform with 6,000 people listening to us in Warsaw, Poland;

The worst: Going to the city of a concert and finding there was no piano onstage!

Favorite venue:


Your favorite recording in your discography and why?

Astor Piazzolla and Gary Burton in Montreal, because there is a great feeling and energy.

The first Jazz album I bought was:

Chick Corea, Akoustic

CDs you are listening to now:

Keith Jarrett, La Scala;

Brad Mehldau, The Art of the Trio Box;

Astor Piazzolla, Montreal Live;

How would you describe the state of jazz today?

Jazz needs more space on TV and in every government because is the most important music culture of the last century.

Photo Credit

Courtesy of Nuevo Tango Ensamble


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