Sun Ra's Journey To Moers

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The next day, I confirmed with other people in the village of Moers that the rain was uninterrupted, so it was clear that Sun Ra had arranged for the rain to not fall on the festival area, so that everyone there could be comfortable and absorb his message. This was one of three times that Ra had successfully halted a rainstorm through his cosmic connections. James Jackson recently told me that at the Ann Arbor Jazz and Blues Festival, Ra got the rain to not fall in a square perimeter surrounding the band so that the instruments would not get wet (the audience was not so lucky in that case) and at a Newport Jazz Festival another torrential downpour was temporarily halted during a Ra set that continued as soon as the musicians left the stage—just like at Moers.

That is not to say that the intergalactic intervention at Moers was not special, because it certainly was. Sun Ra came prepared to Moers, with in fact a half ton of large containers that had to be transported from the Dusseldorf Airport to Moers by a farm tractor pulling an attached wagon. James Jackson told me that he remembers all the extra costumes, murals, props, and things that they brought that time, since Sun Ra told them to "bring everything." They did, because this event was very serious for them. Burkhard Hennen told me that they did not open many of those containers, but this was unnecessary with the arsenal of sound, dance, and theater that made up the Arkestra performance that evening.

Sun Ra has now left the planet and is no doubt leading the interplanetary version of the Arkestra with outbound members like John Gilmore, Pat Patrick, Danny Davis, Eloe Omoe and June Tyson who were at Moers in 1979.

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