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We open this week with a talented New York-based pianist making good waves in jazz, Andy Milne and Dapp Theory. We then travel North into Milne's home country, Canada, to hear the great Collective Order before moving to the British scene to hear Mia Dyberg and back to America with Ben Wendel. Finally, we give the sounds of Amaro Freitas a good listen and finish all of this jazz joy up with Les Elgart and his Orchestra.


  • Andy Milne and Dapp Theory "Luminescence" Seasons of Being (Andy Milne) 00:00
  • Host talks 3:37
  • Steve Coleman "Slipped Again" Rhythm in Mind: The Carnegie Project (BMG Music) 6:40
  • Andy Milne "And the Children Shall Lead" The Captains(Andy Milne) 13:22
  • Host talks 16:48
  • Gabby Paul "Don't Know Why"Self Titled (Gabby Paul) 18:30
  • Collective Order "Cascading" Volume 3 (Collective Order) 21:35
  • Host talks 25:32
  • Summer Osborne "'The Reason I Sing" The Scenic Route (Slo*burn) 28:15
  • Mia Dyberg Trio "Wils Song" Ticket (Clean Feed) 32:58
  • Host talks 38:28
  • Ben Wendel "October"The Seasons (Motema Music) 40:40
  • Amaro Freitas "Dona Eni" Rasif (Far Out Recordings)—46:24
  • Host talks 50:10
  • Bernie Dresel Featuring The BBB "Zuit Soot" Bern Bern Bern (CD Baby)—51:00
  • Host talks 53:44
  • Les Elgart and his Orchestra "You Walk By" The Sessions (Classic Recordings) 54:30


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