Steuart Liebig: Mentone Mentor Merges into the Fast Lane

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Steuart LiebigAAJ: What's kept you in LA all these years?

SL: Part of it is, I spent two or three years on the road when I was in my early twenties, and I found out being on the road could be really boring. This is in the seventies, and a lot in the Midwest, sort of a dreary time. It didn't thrill me. If I could tour Europe a lot, I'd do it. But if I had to do the late night drives through Oklahoma...I've thought about moving to New York, but now I have two kids. Family's kept me here a lot. I had a grandmother whom I adored, and I wanted to be around. She died, and now my mom lives six blocks away. I have roots here.

And I think LA has a lot to offer. There's a lot of high quality players here, and the people here are into it. You can get them to do stuff, and you do stuff for them. And I've said it before, if I had to take all this crap through a New York subway system, or try to find parking in downtown Manhattan, it's a complete pain in the ass. Seriously. Ever go to one of those gigs where Alex has the eight hour drum set up thing? You can't do that in New York. You go to a rehearsal studio and everything's provided for you. Here people bring a whole mess of stuff, because you can get around fairly easily. I think LA has a certain amount of freedom New York doesn't.

AAJ: What's coming up?

SL: Going to record the next Minim disk in November. Mentones, I have a whole other disc of material written. We've really been concentrating on playing material from the second disc. We play some of the tunes from what I consider to be the third disc. We'll be playing more of those. Maybe a Panharmonicon sighting in September. I have this band, Seconda Practica, which I have two albums worth of material. Anna and I are going to be doing something, I don't know what it's going to be. Playing with G.E. Stinson and his things. We're doing a trio with Jeremy Drake. A lot of grooves and noise.

Selected Discography:

Steuart Liebig/The Mentones, Nowhere Calling (pfMENTUM, 2006)
The Choirboys, With Strings (pfMENTUM, 2005)
Steuart Liebig/Stigtette, Delta (pfMENTUM, 2005)
Anna Homler/Steuart Liebig Duo, Kelpland Serenades (pfMENTUM, 2005)
Michael Vatcher/Steuart Liebig/Vinny Golia, On the Cusp of Fire and Water (Red Toucan, 2004)
Steuart Liebig/Minim, Quicksilver (pfMENTUM, 2004)
Steuart Liebig/The Mentones, Locustland (pfMENTUM, 2004)
Bone Structure, Bone Structure (Cryptogramophone, 2003)
L. Stinkbug, The Allure of Roadside Curios (Starlight Furniture Company, 2002)
Steuart Liebig/Vinny Golia/Billy Mintz, Antipodes (Cadence Jazz Records, 2001)
Steuart Liebig, Pomegranate (Cryptogramophone, 2001)
Steuart Liebig/Vinny Golia/Billy Mintz, No Train (Cadence Jazz Records, 1998)
Wayne Peet's Doppler Funk, Blasto! (Nine Winds, 1987)

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