Andrea Centazzo & Gianluigi Trovesi: Shock!!

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Shock!! is the 1999 re-release of the original mid-80's LP on the 'Ictus' label, by the amazing duo of Andrea Centazzo (percussion) and the sinfully under recognized reedman, Gianluigi Trovesi. The title track, 'Shock!!' is a rumbling and tumbling affair marked by the huge sound emitted from just two musicians. Trovesi's classic clear toned soprano sax work alongside Centazzo's powerhouse drumming is a study in coordination and unity. Ever the colorist, Centazzo should go down in the annals of modern jazz as one of the top 'musical' drummers of his time. Here and throughout, Centazzo sounds as though he'd been blessed with 4 hands. Trovesi parallels Centazzo's polyrhythmic fury with gutsy, rapid fire phrasing within the same meter. Centazzo's rolling, thunderous paradiddles and booming tom work is magnificent, which benefits well from the older analog recording technology. Throughout, Shock!! there is a slight trace of reverb and a dash of echo here and there which enhances the impact of these two powerhouse musicians.

'Tro. Ce.' features a military style march beat performed with the utmost discipline as both Centazzo and Trovesi's clarinet are in perfect harmony and unison. Trovesi's boisterous and commanding tone on clarinet is pure magic yet on this track Trovesi displays a penchant for humor. Here, Trovesi's implementation of vibrato and tremolo intermingles with his acute, razor-sharp phrasing which counters Centazzo's delightful use of small percussion instruments. 'Tro. Ce' is at times whimsical and playful, as it becomes quite apparent that these gentlemen are having fun without sacrificing musical content or ingenuity. 'Shock!!maker's Shop' is vibrant, intense and altogether staggering. Centazzo dazzles with triplets and odd meter time signatures as he effortlessly bounces off his toms, bells, snare and cymbals defying comprehension. 'A Day In Tunisia' features Centazzo on the bass marimba as Trovesi overdubs woodwinds This playful piece commences and ends as if it were written with children in mind yet the mid-section evolves into a modern jazz motif of epic proportions.

Shock!! is essential listening and enough cannot be said of New Tone's decision to reissue this classic! To paraphrase a proverbial saying, ....'This is the stuff that separates the men from the boys!' Highly Recommended! * * * * *

Instrumentation: Andrea Centazzo; Premiere Drum Set, Paiste Gongs & Cymbals, Vibraphone, Marimba & Bass Marimba: Gianluigi Trovesi; Bass Clarinet, Piccolo Clarinet, Alto Sax & Soprano Sax.

Web: www.inrete.it/robidroli/home.html

Title: Shock!! | Year Released: 1999 | Record Label: New Tone

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