September 2006

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Dear fellow AAJ contributors,

We're back again to keep you in the loop on the latest developments at AAJ. Please take a moment to read this important announcement...

  1. Editorial Comments: Take Note
  2. MY AAJ: Popular Contributors and Columns
  3. MY AAJ: Please Register
  4. Editorial Staff Updates
  5. Uploading your Concert and Festival Photos
  6. TIP: Finding CD Covers
  7. Remembering Marc Meyers

Editorial Comments: Take Note

The editorial team is hard at work preparing new articles and CD reviews each day.

We now allow you to view the changes we've made to your articles. You can do this by clicking the link in your "article published" confirmation message or by scrolling to the bottom of your article/review.

Please take note of any formatting changes and include those changes in future articles. It'll save us time and ensure that your article is published in a timely fashion.

The editorial notes are only visible to you and the editorial staff.

MY AAJ: Popular Contributors and Columns

With each newsletter, we plan to highlight MY AAJ related information. With MY AAJ, we allow readers to select their favorite contributors and article types (or columns). Favorite contributors and columns will then appear on a member's MY AAJ page, and they're notified via email each time a designated favorite is published.

We've compiled a current list of the top twelve for...

Favorite Contributors

  1. Nils Jacobson
  2. John Kelman
  3. C. Michael Bailey
  4. Paul Olson
  5. Jeff Fitzgerald, Genius
  6. Jack Bowers
  7. Jim Santella
  8. Mark Sabbatini
  9. Ken Dryden
  10. Chris May
  11. Glenn Astarita
  12. Mark F. Turner

Favorite Columns/Article Types

  1. CD Reviews
  2. Artist Profiles
  3. Interviews
  4. Concert/Festival/Event Review
  5. New York @ Night
  6. New York Beat
  7. Editor's Choice
  8. Genius Guide to Jazz
  9. Multiple CD Review
  10. Building a Jazz Library
  11. Book Review
  12. African Jazz

Most Accessed Profiles
  1. John Kelman
  2. Paul Olson
  3. Nils Jacobson
  4. C. Michael Bailey
  5. Jeff Fitzgerald, Genius
  6. Jack Bowers
  7. Michael Ricci
  8. Jim Santella
  9. Chris M. Slawecki
  10. Bret Primack
  11. R.J. DeLuke
  12. Chris May

MY AAJ: Please Register

We need to build our MY AAJ membership numbers, and we'd like to start with our contributors. There are many advantages to the customization that MY AAJ has to offer.

Since you're already registered at the site, you only need to login. It takes just a second. Thanks!

Editorial Staff Updates

We brought on several new contributors to help support AAJ as it continues to grow. Some contributors are responsible for editing certain article types, while others manage sections like the Download Center or the Musician Center.

Please familiarize yourself with the twelve primary contributors and their areas of responsibility on our revised Contact Us page.

Uploading your photos to the site

We've upgraded the AAJ Visual Arts Center and plan to make several enhancements to it in the coming months. If you're an amateur photographer, please upload your concert and festival photos to the Community Photos album at the Visual Arts Center. If you're a pro and have an album, please upload new photos regularly.

To upload photos to the "Community Photos" album, go to the Visual Arts Center, click the "Community Photos" album (right column), then select "Add Photos" from the "<< album actions >>" dropdown. You can upload as many images as you want at any time.

Please help us ensure consistency by titling your images this way:

[Artist/Band Name] at [Venue/Event Name] in [City] on [Date] by [Your Name].

To add a link to your photo(s) within your article, read this tip.

Tip: Finding CD Covers

We'd like to strongly encourage you to add CD cover art to all your CD reviews. To find cover art, please look to AAJ first by searching our database of covers.

If you can't find the cover there, search the retail sites, the artist's site, or the label's site. If you're not sure how to capture the cover art URL, please read the tip on this page.

Remembering Marc Meyers

We want to pay tribute to Marc Meyers, a long-time AAJ contributor and AAJ bulletin board moderator. Marc passed away on August 18th and we'll miss him. Marc was instrumental in shaping the bulletin board and contributed insightful and often-quoted CD reviews. He was also a personal friend.

There's a very touching tribute to Marc on bulletin board, in case you're interested.

Our best to Marc's wife, Jane, and her two boys, Chaz and Shaun.

As always, we welcome your ideas and input. Thanks for being a part of the team!

Mike and Nils


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