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Jill Kotchon wrote:

My father is looking for an album that has Skylark performed by Stan Getz with Bob Brookmeyer. He doesn't know the name of the album, just that Skylark was one of the tracks. I checked on Amazon.com, and all I found was the Stan Getz/Bob Brookmeyer album, but it didn't have Skylark. I also found a recording on WinMX that was Stan Getz and Dave Brubeck, supposedly from an album called All That Jazz- It's So Cool. I checked on the Internet, and found no mention of this album. I also found Skylark by Stan Getz on a Japanese site that had it as being on an album called Columbia Jazz - Penguin Guide Hits, but also found no other mention of this album anywhere. Help? Do you know what album this recording is from? He's pretty sure it's Stan Getz and Bob Brookmeyer. Thanks!


This particular song comes from a Bob Brookmeyer LP issued by Columbia, though it has not yet appeared on CD. It’s called Bob Brookmeyer & Friends.

Lee Baumgarten from Silver Spring, MD wrote:

I recorded a rendition of "Idaho" off a Royal Stokes jazz radio program in 1976. I recall him stating that it was performed live at Montreux Jazz Festival in (I believe) 1973, although it might have been another year. (Like a real genius, I stopped the tape prior to Mr. Stokes stating who the musicians were).

It was definitely a quintet — sax, trumpet, drums, bass & piano, and the arrangement was "cookin'". I've tried "Googling" many combinations to no avail, and I was never able to determine either the label or the musicians. Now, years later, I'd like to know who the band was, and if I could get a copy of the album/CD if one is available.

Thanks for any help you could provide in solving the mystery for me.


There's no guarantee that this is the right answer, but Black Lion released an LP from the 1973 festival called 'Mainstream at Montreux," which featured trumpeter Bill Coleman and tenor saxophonist Guy Lafitte. The rhythm section includes pianist Marc Hemmeler, bassist Jack Sewing and drummer Daniel Humair. It was reissued on CD, but Black Lion is no more.

Try www.cadencebuilding.com, www.euclidrecords.com, and half.com. Cadence has a Black Lion CD in stock titled 'Live at Montreux' by Coleman which is likely the same release (with two bonus tracks) as the original LP.

Marie Shay from Redford, MI wrote:

I am trying to locate a specific song. It was performed by Benny Goodman and Mildred Bailey (or so I've been told). The name of the song is "Manhattan." I have a 91 year old uncle who has asked me to try to locate this song, but have been unsuccessful. If you are in any way able to help me, I would greatly appreciate it, and so would my uncle. Thank you.


I'm sorry to disappoint you and your uncle, but the only time Benny Goodman is listed as playing "Manhattan" is during a 1972 appearance on 'The Dick Cavett Show,' while Mildred Bailey died in 1951. This television broadcast has not been commercially released. Tom Lord’s Jazz Discography doesn’t list a recording of the song by Bailey.

Goodman and Bailey recorded together and appeared on numerous live radio broadcasts as well between 1934 and 1945.

Ray Roewert from Clearwater Fl wrote:

Some time ago I heard a wonderful recording of "Harlem Nocturne" by Illinois Jacquet. I believe it was released on his album titled "Swing's The Thing." Has this ever been released on CD? If this album has not been released has Jacquet's "Harlem Nocturne" ever been released on a compilation recording?


Illinois Jacquet's version of "Harlem Nocturne" hasn't been reissued since its initial appearance on the 1956 Verve LP 'Swing's the Thing." Several tracks from this session appeared on a Verve CD compilation, but not the one you're seeking. So it looks like you'll have to find the LP, and Verve records from this era in excellent condition tend to be a little pricey, depending upon your budget.

Mike Searcy from Dandridge, TN wrote:

During the early 70's I moved from Chattanooga to NYC (my dad was a sports writer and got a chance to work at the Times.) Loved WRVR a DJ named Van J. He had a tune called Hallelujah Time he used to start the show. Big band tune. Never been able to find it. Do you have a clue?


Although I wasn't living in Chattanooga in the 1970s, the answer came about pretty easy. Woody Herman recorded "Hallelujah Time" several times, with the best version likely being the one heard on the recent Verve reissue 'Woody Herman & His Herd: Live at Carnegie Hall '46.' It is relatively easy to find through various CD web sites.

Kathy from Florence, SC":

What is the name of artist for the song "Darlin, Darlin Daby," the Ojay's old hit? I know the artist first name is "Brian," Torkin maybe. Thanks.


You got pretty close to the name you were looking for. The smooth jazz guitarist you're seeking is Brian Tarquin, and the name of his CD with the song "Darlin', Darln' Baby" is 'Soft Touch.' It is available through many major web sites selling CDs.


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