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Tracks: In Spring; Intraspettro; Six and Eight; Weegee; Pousada Do Amor; The Fourth Homme; Vista Do Mar; Hommage; Boogaloogalick; The Way-Out.

Personnel: Rory More: organ; Vladimiro Carboni: drums; Tarek Abou-Chanab: conga, vibraphone, moog; Deborah Wykes: vocals; Beat Girl: vocals; Rosalia De Souza: vocals.

Brasil Precisa Balancar

Tracks: Onde Anda O Meu Amor; Voz Da Lapa; Que Bandeira; Ao Amigo Tom; Brasil Precisa Balancar; Jogo De Roda; Agarradinho; Nem Que Seja A Nado; Rio De Janairo; Mar Amar; Um Nova Dia; Vivo Sonhando; O Que Amar.

Personnel: Adriano Giffoni: double bass; Marcio Bahia: drums; Roberto Menescal: guitar, arrangements; Sidinho: percussion; Adriano Souza: piano; Sergio Galvão: saxophone, flute; Roberto Rossi: trombone; Guta Menezes: trumpet, flugelhorn, harmonica.


Tracks: Minas; Cigana; Breque Bom; O Tempo É Aqui; Rainha, Divino; Mané; Versos Perdidos; Sem Par; Vendaval; Meu Rio; Bate.

Personnel: Toco: vocals; Nina Miranda: vocals; Ligiana Costa: vocals; Roberto Taufic: acoustic guitar; Eduardo Taufic: Rhodes piano & Wurlitzer; Edu Hebling: double bass; Mauro Martins: drums; Stefano Tirone: electric guitar, wurlitzer, programming, hammond; Marquinho Baboo: percussion; Elisa Mini: backing vocals; Bebe Caruso: trombone; Marco Brioschi: trumpet & flugelhorn; Germano Zenga: tenor saxophone; Luca Campioni: violin; Andrea Aloisi: violin; Elisabetta Danelli: viola; Saverio Gliozzi: cello; Ramiro Levy: vocals; Ricardo Fischmann: vocals; Eduardo Stein Dechtiar: vocals; Daniel Plentz: vocals.

2 Sets

Tracks: Into Shade; Clap Hands; River Man; Lost Mind; Jockey Full of Bourbon; There's a Lull in My Life; Concierto De Aranjuez / The Way Young Lovers Do; Corpus Christi Carol; Things Behind the Sun; Soon It's Gonna Rain; The Part You Throw Away; Ill Wind; Saidas E. Bandeiras; Fruit Tree; The Night We Called It a Day.

Personnel: Steve Evans: vocals; Jake Vinsel: bass; Noritaka Tanaka: drums; Leandro Lopez Varady: piano.

Handful of Soul

Tracks: A Child Runs Free; No Mercy For Me; This Is What You Are; Rio De Janeiro Blue; Slow Hot Wind; A Handful of Soul; Never Die; On a Clear Day; Gig; I Can't Keep from Crying Sometimes; No Trouble on the Mountain; I'm Her Daddy.

Personnel: Mario Biondi: vocals; Luca Mannutza: piano; Fabrizio Bosso: trumpet, flugelhorn; Daniele Scannapieco: tenor saxophone; Pietro Ciancaglini: bass; Lorenzo Tucci: drums; Sandro De Bellis: percussion; Gianluca Petralla: trombone.

Someway Still I Do

Tracks: Open Up Your Eyes; Livin' My Life; So Long, Goodbye; Secret Lover; Greeting from Here; But Not for You; Someway Still I Do; Stay Into My Life; L'estate È Qua; Suddenly; Something Fine; Blind Date Blues.

Personnel: Jenny B: vocals; Liam MacKahey: vocals; Rosalia De Souza: vocals; Renata Tosi: vocals; Stefania Rava: vocals; Alessandro Magnanini: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, background vocals; Nicola Balestri: banjo; Daniele Scannapieco: tenor saxophone; Fabrizio Bosso: trumpet, flugelhorn; Andrea Giuffredi: trumpet; Giuseppe di Benedetto: trombone; Luca Mannutza: piano; Giovanni Guerretti: Fender Rhodes piano; Pasquale Bardaro: vibraphone; Pietro Ciancaglini: double bass; Paolo Gialdi: electric bass; Lorenzo Tucci: drums; Luca Florian: percussion; Oscar Abelli: percussion; Stefania Rava: background vocals; Alberto Carra: background vocals; Renata Tosi: background vocals.

Join the Dance

Tracks: Tata Somba; Will You Walk a Little Faster?; Joy Shout; Waltz for Emily; One More Swing; Mille E Una Notte; Titoro; High Hat; I'm Gonna Go Fishin'; Another Waltz; Bubbly; For My Mother.

Personnel: Norma Winstone: vocals on #02; Francesca Sortino: vocals on #09; Luigi Bonafede: piano; Pasquale Bardaro: vibes; Robert Bonisolo: tenor sax; Alfonso Deidda: baritone sax & flute; Roberto Rossi: trombone; Gianluca Carollo: trumpet; Enzo Lo Greco: double bass; Gianni Lo Greco: drums; Gilson Silveira: percussion; Simone Daclon: piano on #12; Germano Zenga: sax tenor on #12; Ermanno Principe: drums on #12; Enzo Frassi double bass on #12; Paolo Fedreghini: effects on #06; Arranged By Gerardo Frisina and Luca Mannutza.

Other Directions

Tracks: Sea and Sand; Wanin' Moon; Nefertiti; Impulso; A Time for Spring; Kind of Sunshine; Aphrodite's Dream; Several Shades of Dawn; The Dharma Bums; All Gone; Other Directions; The In Between; Le Depart; Charade; Danubian; Bohemian's Dilemma; Nefertiti (alternative version); Waltz of the Sirens; Teardrop Painted Blue; Quiet Star; Kind of Sunshine (extended version); Wanin' Moon (alternative take).

Personnel: Gianluca Petrella: trombone; Daniele Scannapieco: tenor saxophone; Fabrizio Bosso: trumpet, flugelhorn; Rosario Giuliani: alto saxophone; Till Brönner: trumpet, vocals; Pietro Lussi: piano; Pietro Ciancaglini: double bass; Lorenzo Tucci: drums; Nicola Stilo: flute; Pierpaolo Bisogno: bongos & vibraphone; Nicola Conte: guitar; Cristina Zavalloni: vocals; Bembe Segue: vocals; Lucia Minetti: vocals; Lisa Bassenge: vocals.

Free Souls

Tracks: Shades of Joy; Goddess of the Sea; Free Souls; Spirit of Nature; Ode to Billie Joe; Soul Revelation; Ahmad's Blues; If I Should Lose You; Baltimore Oriole; Uhuru; Sandalia Dela; African Other Blues; Sunrise; A Prayer for Lateef.

Personnel: Magnus Lindgren: tenor sax and flutes; Francesco Lento: trumpet; Gaetano Partipilo: alto sax; Timo Lassy: baritone sax and flute on track 9; Pietro Lussu: piano & wurlitzer electric piano; Luca Alemanno: double bass & fender bass; Paolo Benedettini: double bass on track 1, 11 and 13; Teppo Makynen: drums on track 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11 and 13; Lorenzo Tucci: drums on track 2, 4, 7, 8, 10 and 12; Pietro Ciancaglini—double bass on track 2, 4, 7, 8, 10 and 12; Pierpaolo Bisogno-congas & percussions; Nicola Conte: guitars; Fabrizio Bosso—trumpet on track 12; Rosario Giuliani: alto sax on track 8 and 12; Greg Osby: alto sax on track 7; Logan Richardson: alto sax on track 13; Daniele Scannapieco: tenor sax on track 10; Flavio Boltro: trumpet on track 8; Michael Pinto: vibraphone on track 6, 7 and 9; Liviana Ferri: tambourine on track 5 and congas and percussion on track 12; Jose James on track 2; Bridgette Amofah: vocals on track 3, 5 and 9; Melanie Charles: vocals on track 4 and 7; Marvin Parks: vocals on track 1, 8 and 13; Tasha's World: vocals on track 6 and 10; Heidi Vogel: vocals on track 11; All background vocals by Bridgette, Melanie, Heidi, Tasha's World. Kim Sanders on track 2 only.



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