Satoko Fujii, Angles 9, Here’s to Us & More

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I would never presume to know enough about music to compare two of the most brilliant pianists in jazz today: Matt Mitchell and Satoko Fujii. Feel free to go ahead and do that yourself. All I'll say is that they are both amazing and worthy of all the recognition that comes their way. Each has a new recording out and those get sampled in this episode. Mitchell's Phalanx Ambassador is as complicated and challenging (for his musicians as well as listeners) as any of his previous work, while Fujii finds, as she usually does, the sweet spot in her heart to convey emotion and power. Her Stone explores whether we still hear music in our minds after going deaf.

Other new releases come from the powerhouse Angles 9 and mellower but still deep Here's to Us, both from Sweden, Pneuma (voice and clarinets) and bass clarinetist Aaron Novik. All of that surrounded by a lot of other great music. Enjoy!


  • Milton Man Gogh "Doo Rocks" from XXXX Bitter Irony (Self-released) 00:00
  • De Beren Gieren & Susana Santos Silva "Slippery Men on the Riverbank" from The Detour Fish (Clean Feed) 05:08
  • Host speaks 13:10
  • Matt Mitchell "Stretch Goal" from Phalanx Ambassadors (Pi) 15:59
  • Anne Mette Iversen Ternion Quartet "Polychromatic Picture" from Invincible Nimbus (BJU Records) 22:23
  • Ornicar "Misses CP" from Orni (Self-released) 29:08
  • Host speaks 35:04
  • Satoko Fujii "Chlorite" from Stone (Libra) 36:59
  • Satoko Fujii "Phonolite" from Stone (Libra) 42:21
  • Tori Freestone Trio "Shenandoah" from El Mar de Nubes (Whirlwind) 45:56
  • Host speaks 54:29
  • Marc Ducret "Give Sorrow Words" from Lady M (Ayler) 55:17
  • Gabriel Ferrandini "Rua Da Barroca" from Volupias (Clean Feed) 1:00:03
  • Host speaks 1:10:28
  • Angles 9 "Samar and the Egyptian Winter" from Beyond Us (Clean Feed) 1:11:58
  • Paul Lapp Forum "Mimi" from Paul Lapp Forum (Self-released) 1:24:05
  • Gebhard Ullmann Tá Lam "Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting/Boogie Stop Shuffle" from Mingus (Jazzwerkstatt) 1:31:30
  • Host speaks 1:39:49
  • Pneuma"Trembling/Light" from Who Has Seen the Wind (Songlines) 1:42:14
  • Pneuma "Neither You Nor I/Conversation with Ora" from Who Has Seen the Wind (Songlines) 1:47:40
  • Samuel Ber "Sfumato II" from Maps & Synedoches (Self-released) 1:50:07
  • Host speaks 1:58:24
  • Matt Mitchell "Mind Aortal Cicatrix" from Phalanx Ambassadors (Pi) 1:59:21
  • Host speaks 2:08:41
  • Here's to Us "Tiden" from Animals, Wild and Tame (Hoob) 2:10:05
  • Here's to Us "Waxter Och Blommer" from Animals, Wild and Tame (Hoob) 2:13:59
  • Angles 9 "Beyond Us" from Beyond Us (Clean Feed) 2:18:12
  • Host speaks 2:25:46
  • Aaron Novik "No Signal Part A" from The Fallow Curve of the Planospheres (Clandestine) 2:27:53
  • Aaron Novik "No Signal Part B" from The Fallow Curve of the Planospheres (Clandestine) 2:30:41
  • Ocean Fanfare "We Can't Stop Now" from First Nature (Barefoot) 2:36:58
  • William Tatge Trio "Civilization" from General Cargo (Self-released) 2:41:30
  • Host speaks 2:48:40
  • Art Ensemble Of Chicago "Oasis at Dusk" from We Are on the Edge (Pi) 2:49:19


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