Russ Lossing, Adam Kolker and Paul Motian's "Jack of Clubs"

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This time around we focus on Russ Lossing and Adam Kolker, and feature tracks from Paul Motian's seminal album Jack of Clubs, with some fellow travellers in between,


  • Russ Lossing "Jack of Clubs" from Motian Music (Sunnyside) 00:00
  • Paul Motian Quintet "Hide and Go Seek" from Jack of Clubs (Soul Note) 07:16
  • Gordon Grdina "Apocalympics" from Inroads (Songlines) 12:41
  • Joe Lovano "Alone Together" from Joyous Encounter (Blue Note) 22:40
  • Russ Lossing "Dance" from Motian Music (Sunnyside) 28:20
  • Adam Kolker "Dolphin Dance" from Sultanic Verses (Satchmo Jazz) 33:59
  • Michael Attias "Fenix Culprit" from Renku in Coimbra (Clean Feed) 39:53
  • Adam Kolker "Last Night When We Were Young" from Flag Day (Sunnyside) 43:51
  • Russ Lossing Trio "Love and Beauty" from Oracle (Hatology) 50:07
  • Kirk Knuffke "Iago's Credo" from Witness (SteepleChase) 58:25
  • Adam Kolker and Russ Lossing "Whispers" from Whispers and Secrets (Fresh Sounds Records) 1:04:47
  • Paul Motian "Drum Music" from Jack of Clubs (Soul Note) 1:12:37
  • Russ Lossing, Michael Formanek, Gerald Cleaver "Reminiscence" from Changes (SteepleChase) 1:19:21
  • Adam Kolker "Cycles" from Beckon (Sunnyside) 1:30:54
  • Gordon Grdina "Albert The Monk" from Think Like The Waves (Songlines) 1:39:13
  • Russ Lossing "Psalm" from Motian Music (Sunnyside) 1:43:54
  • Bobo Stenson "Jack of Clubs" from Goodbye (ECM) 1:51:07
  • Paul Motian Quintet "Jack of Clubs" from Jack of Clubs (Soul Note) 1:53:53


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