Rudy Royston, Wojciech Jachna and More

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This week the featured album is the new release by Rudy Royston, and we focus on Polish trumpet maestro Wojciech Jachna. In between a varied selection of different genres from the wide World of Jazz.


  • Rudy Royston "Soul Train" from Flatbed Buggy (Greenleaf) 00:00
  • Valerio Pontrandolfo & Harold Mabern Trio "Twenty" from Are You Sirius? (Associazione In Jazz We Trust) 10:46
  • Jon Irabagon "Quintessential Kitten" from It Takes All Kinds (Jazzwerkstatt) 15:09
  • Nicole Mitchell Indigo Trio "Thankfulness" from Indigo Trio: Live in Montreal (Greenleaf) 26:14
  • Jachna, Mazurkiewicz, Buhl "Ya Yeti" from Dzwieki Ukryte (Instant Classic) 32:56
  • Wojciech Jachna, Jacek Buhl "Dabi Sajko" from Sythomatic (Requiem) 39:23
  • Wojciech Jachna, Pawel Urowski, Jacek Cichocki, Mateusz Krawczyk "Indians" from The Right Moment (Requiem) 45:50
  • Rudy Royston "Bobblehead" from Flatbed Buggy (Greenleaf) 50:08
  • Valerio Pontrandolfo & Harold Mabern Trio "Recado Bossa Nova" from Are You Sirius? (Associazione In Jazz We Trust) 55:57
  • Opus 5 "Equilibrium" from Tickle (Criss Cross Jazz) 1:00:28
  • Pandelis Karayorgis Quintet "Transit" from System of 5 (Hatology) 1:10:26
  • Torbjorn Zetterberg "Do Do Do Do Do Do" from Och Den Stora Frågan (Moserobie) 1:18:58
  • The Resonance Ensemble "Rope (For Don Ellis)" from Kafka in Flight (Not Two) 1:25:32
  • Pandelis Karayorgis, Mat Maneri "Three Plus Three" from Disambiguation (Leo Records) 1:44:10
  • Valerio Pontrandolfo & Harold Mabern Trio "Are You Sirius?" from Are You Sirius? (Associazione In Jazz We Trust) 1:54:46
  • Rudy Royston "I Guess It's Time To Go" from Flatbed Buggy (Greenleaf) 2:00:36


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