Rock the Casbah of Love

Patrick Burnette By

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Before the boys get to two releases hot off the presses, they spend some time with a Steve Kuhn release recorded soon after he parted ways with Art Farmer and started dating Monica Zetterlund. Then it's on to a fairly "out" recording by a veteran reed player and a less world-music-than-it-sounds release from a bass clarinetist with a Coltrane fixation.

The episode wraps things up with an in-depth look at Paul Anka's transformation of rock standards into mid-sixties style Sinatra swingers and Mike's discussion of the latest R.E.M. box set of live cuts from the BBC.

Somewhere in there, the bastards even squeeze in a conversation about Walt Disney and copyright.


  • Discussion of Steve Kuhn's album Watch What Happens (MPS) 10:15
  • Discussion of Andrew Lamb's album The Casbah of Love (Birdwatcher) 26:20
  • Discussion of Paul Austerlitz's album Water Prayers for Bass Clarinet (Self Produced) 39:15
  • Discussion of Paul Anka's Rock Swings (Verve) 52:40
  • Pop Matters 1:14:50


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