Reader Kudos - Issue 1

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Some recent letters from readers.

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From: Tom King

Date: August 20, 2003


Lovely interview with George Coleman! I have heard one BBC broadcast when he and his wisdom appeared on "Jazz Score" with the late Benny Green.

Since I live in 'way off New Zealand sites such as AAJ are invaluable. One point....when I first visited NYC in September 1966 I heard the Miles Davis Quintet at the Village Vanguard. It was George Coleman playing that night, along with Ron Carter, Tony Williams, Herbie Hancock, and the leader. Since that was well after his "time", was he subbing?

Best Wishes,

Tom King

To: C. Michael Bailey

From: Sergio Karam

Subject: Review of Carla Bley Looking for America

Date: July 24, 2003

Dear Mr. Bailey:

How wonderful to read a review (in allaboutjazz.com) so enthusiastic about Carla Bley's new recording!

My name is Sergio Karam, I'm a Brazilian saxophonist and a BIG fan of Carla's work. I just happen to love ALL of the things that she plays and writes. I think she is great, a true original, and she certainly deserves to be treated as the wonderful person which she undoubtedly is.

Thanks for sharing the admiration for Carla's work. It's good to find more people who love her.

Best wishes,


To: Jonathan Davidson

From: Terry Wright

Subject: A World of Trombone: Slide Hampton& Bob Brookmeyer

Date: July 16, 2003

I was delighted by your interview with both Slide Hampton and Bob Brookmeyer.

It is through reading such interviews that I can identify with fellow trombonists and learn of what has gone on.

I hope that you will continue to interview many more bone players in the future.

To: Jeff Fitzgerald, Genius

From: Allen Minton

By Golly reading your stuff makes me laugh out loud! (my office-mates are starting to look askance at me.)

To: Jeff Fitzgerald, Genius

From: Andrew Edlen

After reading several of your articles, enjoying the Louis Armstrong pair most of all, I just want to say thanks for doing the heavy lifting in a complex, naggingly controversial area. It's far and away the clearest rendering (yup, boiled down) of his gifts to all us players, listeners and citizens. Hats off and again thanks.

To: Jeff Fitzgerald, Genius

From: Dibyo

I'm Dibyo (in case u missed the name on the email header) and I'm from India, and I totally dig your groovy column ALMOST as much as I dig the thought of throwing a molotov cocktail into Christina Aguilera's house. Just so as to let you know. -Dibyo

To: Jeff Fitzgerald, Genius

From: Jon Gloersen

Jeff, add to your list of admirers (or cyber-stalkers, whatever's the most flattering) one Jon from Northampton, UK. We're an hour and a half north of London in the least exciting part of ths country (Basingstoke excluded).

From: Tom Buckley

Just recently discovered your site. Love the quantity of information and the record reviews. Thanks for the great site!

From: Nick Grout

Your site is a great resource, keep it up!

From: Emily Williams

This site is fantastic. Thank you sooooo much for all this great info.

From: Davidian Chorley

The whole AAJ site is great, one of my favourite web portals. If only other sites were this consistently good. Thank you for the directory and other services.

From: Collin de Souza

I am new to jazz and have been surfing the web to learn about the music. I must congratulate you on having one of the best and truly interesting sites about jazz. You seem to be able to answer every question that comes to my mind. Well done.


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