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Producer, Phil Davis

Christopher Burnett By

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By Chris Burnett

PhD Productions, LLC is an established music production company that offers complete music production and recording services. Established in 1991, PhD Productions has gained a great reputation for all styles of music production ranging from MIDI tracks and digital audio; to producing jingles, composing film scores and designing original graphic art work.

The company's complete production services also include everything from actual production, arranging, mixing, mastering, CD design and duplication, and promotion of the final product. Their new production studio is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the powerful audio production technologies utilized in the mainstream music industry. They employ the use of the multi-track ProTools system combined with the latest in digital effects processing in order to provide clients with the resources to meet most all commercial needs.

Award Winning Producer

Company founder and CEO; Phil Davis is a GRAMMY award winning producer, keyboardist and engineer whose credits include work with numerous local, regional, and national artists. Maintaining a client list containing the likes of: Al Jarreau, Norman Brown, Boney James, Alex Bugnon, Walter Beasley and many others, is testament to both quality and success. Phil's mission has always been to make quality music, all of the time, and to promote the Atlanta Underground Sound. "Atlanta has so much to offer to the music community as a whole and it deserves to be heard. I try to provide a vehicle where talent that might not get heard otherwise is exposed and embraced. We all have something to say," Phil states.

Additionally, PhD Productions' own extensive catalog consists of a vast range of original songs, many of which have been recorded by both major label and indie artists and writers alike. Among the latest client releases, is Alex Bugnon's new CD title: Southern Living. The whole project was produced and recorded in Atlanta and the company is very proud about that.

Alex had a blast and will come back next year to do his next project. Here's what Alex has to say about this project and his work with producer, Phil Davis: 'I've always loved the way he plays, he's always loved the way I play, and our strengths and weaknesses complement each other perfectly,' says Bugnon. 'Working with Phil made this a very relaxing process for me, because all I needed to care about was writing great songs and performing them. I left everything else to him. In the past, I tried to control the process too much, had a tendency to over arrange songs, and some of the subtle colors got lost in the busy arrangements. Everything here is more basic, geared around my piano melodies. I got to groove with the music and play the grooves. Everything reflected my cool, more casual Southern frame of mind.' [Listen to samples ' HERE ]

Winning a GRAMMY Award (Best Instrumental Pop Album) for his work on guitarist, Norman Brown's major label release title: Just Chillin' (Warner Bros.) is among the latest professional accomplishments and validation of Phil's efforts. Brown, a native of Shreveport, LA, won his 1st GRAMMY award with the virtuosity and musical appeal that is presented in the music on Just Chillin'. Phil also recently produced multi-saxophonist, vocalist and Berklee College of Music Faculty Member, Walter Beasley's CD title: Go With The Flow. Walter's album won the prestigious Boston Music Awards ' 2003 Jazz Album of the Year. This particular album was released in March 2003 and debuted in the Top 10 on the Billboard Charts during its first week of release. Essential to the Walter Beasley sound, is the work of PhD Productions. Go With The Flow is Beasley's seventh CD overall and first for the N-Coded Music label. The motivation was simply to present a collection packed with seductive quiet-storm melodies and hypnotic contemporary rhythms. Beasley's discs have become distinguished by heartfelt instrumentals and soulful vocals.

Television Production Work

PhD Productions has currently been working with CBS on two prime time TV shows, "Star Search" and "Dance Fever" with Lost Mountain Studios (Ronnie Garrett, CEO). Both of these shows have had great reviews and are considered another step toward realization of the PhD Productions' expansion plan. The work with the Star Search program began gearing back up in November 2003, with Dance Fever resuming its production schedule in January of 2004.

Phil Davis Interview

The long-awaited solo release from Phil Davis titled: PHILosophy is also scheduled to be available very soon. There have been many people asking when it is coming out and what tracks are going to be on it. I've recently had the pleasure of working with him on one of my own original compositions. I wanted to discuss several things with Phil about his approach and philosophy with regard to his work in the music industry. Our interview dialogue follows:


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