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Rupert Leighton

Pianist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist & composer of music ranging from funk 'n' groove to jazz, blues, boogie-woogie & atmospheric chill-out. "I've had a love of music stretching back as far as I can remember. Began composing music in my mid-teens and have since released 10 albums. Early influence was predominantly jazz & blues piano players such as Oscar Peterson, Jools Holland & Monty Alexander but soon started to get into funk and add other styles into the mix. Released my first album ‘Beyond Reflection’ way back in 2005 but it was my second album ‘Take the Sidewalk’ when I really found my 'sound'


Label: Miquid Licks Records
Released: 2020
Track listing: #1 Way Beyond; #2 High Fives; #3 Limitlesss; #4 Bliss; #5 Hard to Say; #6 Alpining; #7 7th Heaven; #8 Bossing It; #9 Take 2 the Sidewalk; #10 Circa 79

Gone For Now

Label: Rupert Leighton
Released: 2019
Track listing: 1 Just Dreamz // 2 Gone For Now // 3 Free Flowin' // 4 Sunny Reprise // 5 Oblivion // 6 Switch Off // 7 Place in the Shade (remix) // 8 Key to the Other Side (remix) // 9 Vanity (remix)


Label: Miquid Licks Records
Released: 2018
Track listing: #1 Spirit of Oombala // #2 Suniwahle // #3 Big Lagoon // #4 Bonango Culture // #5 Mystik Vibeland // #6 Waiting for Camille // #7 Deep Shami // #8 Bass Sensations // #9 Azure

All Kinds Of Fine

Label: Rupert Leighton
Released: 2017
Track listing: #1 Croque Monsieur; #2 Minor Shake Up; #3 Destination Unknown; #4 All in Good Time; #5 En Route; #6 After Hours; #7 Confusion in H Minor; #8 Obstenox; #9 Slat's Tune; #10 Steps To Eternity; #11 Alone At Last


Pianist Rupert Leighton Releases New Album "All Kinds Of Fine"

Pianist Rupert Leighton Releases New Album "All Kinds Of Fine"

The latest release from English pianist & composer Rupert Leighton is a synthesis of groove-laden jazz and chill-out excursions. Dazzling piano strides, liquid keys and splashes of saxophone are underpinned by warm bass and vibrant rhythms. Composed, produced & arranged by Rupert, the 11 original tracks serve up intelligent arrangements in an array of moods incorporating ...

A Winter's Walk

Label: Rupert Leighton
Released: 2014
Track listing: #1 Deciduous Lament; #2 Icy Grip; #3 Safe & Warm; #4 Guess I'm Alone; #5 Winter's Reminisce; #6 It's Magical Out There; #7 A Poem For Christmas; #8 Resolution No.1; #9 Back Home; #10 Christmas Day

Utter Karma

Label: Rupert Leighton
Released: 2010
Track listing: #1 R U Amuzd?; #2 2nd Hand Camel; #3 Mirage; #4 Shadows On The Lake; #5 Utter Karma; #6 Sleeping City; #7 Club Miquid Licks; #8 Izak Krem; #9 A Place In The Shade; #10 Love That Summer Feelin'

Take The Sidewalk

Label: Innervision Records
Released: 2006
Track listing: #1 Amuse-Bouche; #2 My Sahara; #3 Take The Sidewalk; #4 Vanity; #5 City Heat; #6 Calahorra Dance; #7 Jazz Chat; #8 Oombalaquako; #9 Drift Along; #10 Solstice Illusion; #11 We Need To Talk


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