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Nick Gianni and Arlen Hart at the Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being on March 12 and March 26

Nick Gianni and Arlen Hart at the Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being on March 12 and March 26

The Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being will present a unique meditation series that combines Shinnyo guided meditation with live jazz music performances. Led by Shinnyo meditation guide Eitaro Hayashi, with accompaniment by Nick Gianni on saxophone and Arlen Hart on keyboards, the session will introduce live music and the relaxation benefits of meditation. Music has often been used as a ...


Take Five With Cheryl Pyle

Read "Take Five With Cheryl Pyle" reviewed by Cheryl Pyle

Meet Cheryl Pyle:

The versatile flutist Cheryl Pyle received her BA in Music from the University of California at Berkeley in 1976, having received her Associates Degree from Mesa College in 1974. Her teachers included Merrill Jordan, Janet Maestre, Francis Watson, and Jayn Rosenfeld. She took Master classes with Jean-Pierre Rampal, Julius Baker, and James ...


Nick Gianni's Evolution: Nick Gianni's Evolution

Read "Nick Gianni's Evolution" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Saxophonist Nick Gianni's Evolution is a latter day fusion band, forged in the fires of New York's downtown scene. Nublu--an off-the-beaten-path club in Alphabet City--served as the incubator for this group, as it blends funk, electronica, free jazz and worldly influences to come up with a style all its own.

The music on ...

The Black Butterflies: Rainbows for Ramon

Read "The Black Butterflies: Rainbows for Ramon" reviewed by Matt Marshall

The Black Butterflies

Rainbows for Ramon

Self Produced


Judging by its title alone, some might expect Rainbows for Ramon, the sophomore release by The Black Butterflies, to be a flighty affair that trills off into flowery musical fields fit for skipping unicorns. It is not this (thankfully), even though joyful melodic ...

The Black Butterflies: Rainbows For Ramon

Read "Rainbows For Ramon" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

The Black Butterflies is a Latin free-for-all led by reed multi- instrumentalist Mercedes Figueras, an Argentinean transplanted to New York City. Figueras and band follows up a well- received debut, 1 De Mayo (Self Produced, 2010), with Rainbows for Ramon. Reviewed in capable detail by Dan Bilawsky and Karl Ackermann, Rainbows for Ramon--and, in particular, Figueras' ...


Experience University of the Streets March 4-6th

Come celebrate the richness and diversity of the University of the Streets' vibrant 42-year past by being a vital part of its bright future. Tickets are available for this three-day festival and fundraiser inviting all to EXPERIENCE UOTS. Proceeds will benefit the UOTS maintaining its 130 E 7th Street campus. Diverse performances and workshops by Barry Harris, Richard Clements, On ...