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Esche: Der Dichter Spricht

Read "Der Dichter Spricht" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

A trio of piano, violin and bass seems like it could be limiting in an improvisational context but the German group Esche does just fine with that lineup. They create a bright style of lively chamber music that teems with emotion and romance.

This is not one of those European groups that relies on ...


Laura Schuler: Der Dichter Spricht

Read "Der Dichter Spricht" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Der Dichter Spricht (translation: The Poet Speaks is a graceful, romantic affair, conjuring moments of restfulness and playfulness, very often within the framework of the same composition.

Produced like a hushed yet invigorating ECM session, this second album from the German trio Esche, comprised of violinist Laura Schuler, double bassist Lisa Hoppe and pianist ...