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Jungsu Choi: Tschuss Jazz Era

Read "Tschuss Jazz Era" reviewed by Chris Mosey

Living in a state of unresolved civil war since 1945, and lately under threat of nuclear annihilation, obviously sharpens the senses, gives the Korean people an edge the rest of us don't have. Recently, Donald Trump took one look and was blown away. He said (or perhaps Tweeted), “These are wonderful, hard-working people."



Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester: Tschuss Jazz Era

Read "Tschuss Jazz Era" reviewed by Jack Bowers

At last, after lo these many years, a big band--make that a Tiny Orkester--from South Korea. If that's not surprising enough, what is even more striking is that composer / arranger Jungsu Choi's diminutive ensemble (tentet plus voices) is highly proficient and really swings. Choi wrote two of the album's five numbers; the others are Charlie ...