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Gloriæ Dei Cantores: Edmund Rubbra – The Sacred Muse

Read "Edmund Rubbra – The Sacred Muse" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

The liner notes to The Sacred Muse highlight a conventional wisdom in music. Introducing British composer Edmund Rubbra, Craig Timberlake notes that Rubbra was...

“A long-lived, productive scholar, performer, and composer largely unknown to the musically inclined public and virtually ignored by today's highly dispersed musical establishment. To be sure, this is not an ...


Gloriæ Dei Cantores: James Weldon Johnson: God's Trombones

Read "James Weldon Johnson: God's Trombones" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

In literature, the “New Criticism" focused on the structure and meaning of a given text, and that these were intimately connected and should not be analyzed separately. Also, texts should be analyzed without regard to the author, era, or circumstances of the text. Clinically, this may be all well and good, but this approach to the ...