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Pablo Embon

Pablo Embon has released 17 albums to date. All his music is performed, recorded, mixed and produced by himself. Amongst the music tracks, there is a multitude of jazz stylings. Pablo originally hails from Argentina, rich in its history of tango and Andean folk music, where he learned from famed classical guitarist Eduardo Isaac. Pablo played in several modern bands and as a single musician in his youth. Embon started his music education at very young age. As a child he developed intuitive composition skills, adopting piano and guitar as his core musical instruments. Later on, he pursued advanced music education in the composition and harmonization fields and won recognitions in several public music contests in Argentina. When later in life, Embon immigrated to Israel , its unique blend of world music and Middle Eastern music no doubt had an influence on the musician who at this point had already spent years creating and performing unique modern and alternative jazz compositions


Unsigned Treasures: Pablo Embon - Second Chances (2011)

From Pablo Embon's MySpace pageBy Nick DeRiso Experimental, yet very approachable, Argentina-born Pablo Embon's Second Chances is an ear-friendly blend of the best elements of straight-ahead jazz, classical, fusion and free jazz forms. That means thrilling runs on the acoustic piano, skidding throwback synthesizer, interesting polyrhythms and gutsy turns on the saxophone, often all within the confines ...