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Josh White: Josh At Midnight

Read "Josh At Midnight" reviewed by James Nadal

The pioneering music of singer/guitarist Josh White is a reflection of American history throughout the 20th century; his songs depicting racial, social, and political situations during his turbulent lifetime. With a career spanning five decades, White hit the road at age eight as a guide for blind blues musicians. In 1928, age fourteen, he signed with ...


Bobby Rush, Dr. John & Blinddog Smokin' Unite on "Decisions"

Bobby Rush, Dr. John & Blinddog Smokin' Unite on "Decisions"

Louisiana music legends Bobby Rush and Dr. John, two of the most colorful figures in the blues, have known each other for more than 50 years. They met as young men in their 20s on the early 1960s R&B circuit and have remained good friends ever since. “When they’re telling stories it’s hilarious because they’re talking about ...


Hughes' Blues: The Langston Hughes Songbook

We know Langston Hughes as a celebrated African-American author of poems, essays, stories, memoirs and more. But Hughes also wrote songs-hundreds of them. Music was at the heart of his work, with jazz and blues informing the cadences, structures, and subject matter of many of his poems. In an early essay, “The Negro Artist and the ...