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Take Five with Andrew Kushnir

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About Andrew Kushnir

Montreal born drummer,Andrew Kushnir first came onto the Canadian Music scene when he joined the acclaimed Franco Proietti Morph-Tet at the age of 17 as a DJ/Turntablist. With the Morph-tet , Andrew went on to record three albums (Morphology, Like The Shore is to The Ocean, and Live at St. Ambroise) ...


Andrew Kushnir: Influences

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Judging from the album cover, a coffee-filled cup on a drum, one might anticipate that drummer Andrew Kushnir's debut album, Influences, would be a hard charging affair. And Kushnir and his trio (Ryan Slatko on piano and Rick Rosato on bass) do not disappoint. The trio offers up some head-bobbing jazz at its finest.