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The Realpolitik of Georg Frederic Handel

Read "The Realpolitik of Georg Frederic Handel" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

A refined opera composer or brusque cutting contest brawler? A noted keyboardist or a savvy impresario? A sweet-natured collector of Art or a quick tempered musical entrepreneur? Pious Lutheran composer of Messiah or master musical plagiarist and propagandist. Baroque composer Georg Frederic Handel was nothing if not a man of the world and one who encompassed ...


Holiday 2017 I – Georg Frederic Handel’s "Messiah"

Read "Holiday 2017 I – Georg Frederic Handel’s "Messiah"" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

A banner year for Handel's warhourse.

Charlesworth, Rupert; Wolf, Andreas; Niquet, Hervé; Concert Spirituel Chorus; Pichanick, Anthea; Piau, Sandrine; Concert Spirituel Orchestra; Katherine Watson
Messiah. HWV 56 (1754 Version)
Alpha Records

The past several years has seen provocative French productions of Handel's flagship Messiah. These include Benoit Haller's ...