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Formats – Solo Through Nonet

Read "Formats – Solo Through Nonet" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

One plus Two, equals three, and so on. What arbitrary combo size constitutes a big band? None of these.

Solo: Jamie Saft
Solo a Genova
RareNoise Records

That musical provocateur Jamie Saft, he is a prankster. After making all kinds of noise with the likes of Metallic Taste ...


WOW! Bird and Bach: Them two cats really could play!

Read "WOW! Bird and Bach: Them two cats really could play!" reviewed by Mort Weiss

O.K. Now that I've got your attention, what should I write about? The many articles here at AAJ have damn near covered each and every aspect on the topic of jazz and its place (albeit) always in flux and change with each and every up and coming generation of players. Where is jazz in the scheme ...


Dwayne Burno: Tradition

Read "Dwayne Burno: Tradition" reviewed by George Colligan

[ Editor's Note: The following interview is reprinted from George Colligan's blog, Jazztruth]

Dwayne Burno is one of the great bass players of his generation. Originally from jny: Philadelphia, Burno has been on the New York and international jazz scene since 1990. He has played with so many of the great legends of jazz: ...


Sex and the Jazz Musician: The Brutal Truth!

Read "Sex and the Jazz Musician: The Brutal Truth!" reviewed by Mort Weiss

The following is taken from the chronicles of a gold panel Committee of select persons from the international confines of various state institutions that hold such findings sacred--the long-term commitment of these individuals that have given rant to their multitudinous ravings on this highly personal topic.

In my course of dumpster diving for salvation, I ...

Dave Brubeck: The Inspired Moment of Unity

Read "Dave Brubeck: The Inspired Moment of Unity" reviewed by Bob Kenselaar

[Standing tall with a flowing salt-and-pepper mane, Dave Brubeck had a broad smile and was quick to laugh when I met him in the fall of 1978 at publicist Peter Levinson's New York office for this interview. He was enjoying his tour with the New Brubeck Quartet, the group he formed with his sons. He reminisced ...

Sebastian Rochford & Pamelia Kurstin: Ouch Evil Slow Hop

Read "Sebastian Rochford & Pamelia Kurstin: Ouch Evil Slow Hop" reviewed by Chris May

Sebastian Rochford & Pamelia Kurstin

Ouch Evil Slow Hop

Slow Foot Records


For eighty years, the Theremin has hovered on the fringes of music like a freak show exhibit at a carnival. Since its invention by Leon Theremin in 1928, it has been used mainly for novelty and, occasionally ...


Dave Brubeck Tops CMJ Jazz Charts

Dave Brubeck Tops CMJ Jazz Charts

Dave Brubeck Celebrates 90th Birthday as Critically-Acclaimed Dave Brubeck: Legacy of a Legend Two-disc Collection Tops CMJ Charts

Released in advance of jazz legend Dave Brubeck's 90th birthday on December 6, Dave Brubeck: Legacy of a Legend, the artist's recently released two-disc compilation of tracks from 1954-1970, bulleted 18 positions, from #19 to #1, on the ...


The Glenious Inner Planet: The Glenious Inner Planet

Read "The Glenious Inner Planet" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

This is not yourt parent's Dave Brubeck. For that matter, if you put Brubeck in the Telepod from the 1958 film The Fly, with the spirit of Shawn Lane, and teleported them into the future, that might come closest to describing this “Blue Rondo a la Raad." Brubeck is replaced by Chris Cortez's precisely reverberated electric ...

Thelonious Monk / John Coltrane / Art Pepper / Dave Brubeck: Remastered Classics

Read "Thelonious Monk / John Coltrane / Art Pepper / Dave Brubeck: Remastered Classics" reviewed by Chris May

An extension of the Original Jazz Classics series launched in 1982, the OJC Remasters strand applies the sonic benefits of modern remastering to albums in the OJC catalogue which were released on compact disc before 24-bit technology was available. On the first batch of Remasters, engineer Joe Tarantino's work adds new depth and presence to the ...


1959: The Year Classic Albums Were Born

Read "1959: The Year Classic Albums Were Born" reviewed by R.J. DeLuke

When the year 1959 began, there were only 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii would became part of the United States during that annum, the third year of President Dwight D. Eisenhower's second term. It was the year Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba and took a goodwill tour of the U.S., two months after an ...