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Felipe Alonso

Guitarist and composer Felipe Alonso, raised in Peru, is much at ease in both electric and acoustic settings. His dedication for the guitar has led him to explore jazz music in the US and flamenco in Spain. Felipe moved to Los Angeles to attend Musicians Institute in Hollywood and the prestigious Thornton School of Music at University of Southern California. His versatility makes him standout as a unique guitarist able to perform different musical traditions with much ease and authority. "A Gathering" celebrates Felipe's musical upbringing as an innovative jazz musician able to preserve South American culture and showcase his improvisational skills on the guitar.


Akiko Horii

Born and raised in Kobe, Japanese-French jazz percussionist Akiko Horii was never afraid of bold moves growing up: after leaving her native Japan alone at the age of fifteen to attend high school on Long Island, she made a radical shift from studying classical piano to devoting herself to West African music and dance in college (CalArts), with a particular focus on the djembe and Ewe drumming from Ghana. She later spent several months in Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Mali, learning from masters and performing for local ceremonies. Her deep sense of rhythm and graceful abstractions notably brought her into the spotlight with several performances on Congahead


Where's The Beat? From Ancient Rhythms To Future Grooves For Gizmos, Gadgets And Thingamajigs

Where's The Beat? From Ancient Rhythms To Future Grooves For Gizmos, Gadgets And Thingamajigs

The classic “world beat bible" by Matthew Montfort is now bringing these ancient rhythms into the grooves of the future with content for digital audio workstations, sequencers, computers, tablets, smartphones, CD players, and other gizmos! Where's the Beat? A. West Africa, Bali, and India, birthplaces of polyrhythm, gamelan, and tala.
B. Within every performer, where ...