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Kanno - Poll - Pett - Shorr - MacDonald: Free Radicals

Read "Free Radicals" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Here we have acoustic-electric instantaneous compositions --largely about nature --that defy the norms. Recorded live at a venue in Scotland the respective musicians are artistic, music and improvising professors from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. And after hearing this album, I'd imagine the professors bring a lot to ...


Free Radicals: Outside The Comfort Zone

Read "Outside The Comfort Zone" reviewed by Roger Farbey

In their publicity blurb, Houston-based Free Radicals describe themselves as “a horn-driven instrumental dance band with a commitment to peace and justice." In 1998, the Radicals' debut album The Rising Tide Sinks All warned against George W. Bush's Iraq war four years before it began. 21 years on, and with Outside The Comfort Zone, the band ...