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Will Vinson: Stockholm Syndrome

Read "Stockholm Syndrome" reviewed by David Lighton

Saxophonist Will Vinson performs the oft-attempted but rarely accomplished feat of producing fresh and original music with an open affection for tradition. He carefully walks the tightrope, all the while risking falling--on one side into shallow mimicry, and on the other into art music.

Stockholm Syndrome--Vinson's first Criss Cross release and an appropriately ...


Saxophonist Will Vinson Interviewed at All About Jazz...And More!

Saxophonist Will Vinson Interviewed at All About Jazz...And More!

Like many musicians of his generation, growing up in the rock- and pop-dominated 1980s, saxophonist Will Vinson got his indoctrination to jazz from the sounds emanating from the stereo system in his home, hearing the likes of Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington and Count Basie from his father's record collection. He took a liking to them. Especially Basie, as Vinson ...


Will Vinson: The World (Through My Shoes)

Read "The World (Through My Shoes)" reviewed by David Lighton

Recorded at Freddy's Back Room in Brooklyn, The World (Through My Shoes) marks alto saxophonist Will Vinson's first live release. The music, documented over two nights, offers a genuine portrait of a working band creating distinctive contemporary music.

The core of the program is comprised of Vinson originals. His writing and arranging display ...


Assaf Kehati, Billy Hart, & Noam Weisenberg: Trio Music

Read "Assaf Kehati, Billy Hart, & Noam Weisenberg: Trio Music" reviewed by David Lighton

Assaf Kehati Trio featuring Billy Hart
Twins Jazz
Washington, D.C.
June 5, 2010

In recent years, the guitar trio--with bass and drums--has reached mythic status. Once an obscure instrumentation, the setting has been elevated to new heights by young guitarists seeking the kind of interplay for which the piano ...


Marcus Strickland at Bohemian Caverns, Washington, D.C.

Read "Marcus Strickland at Bohemian Caverns, Washington, D.C." reviewed by David Lighton

Marcus Strickland Trio
Bohemian Caverns
Washington, D.C.
May 1, 2010

The current stream of tenor saxophonists is often lamented by older generations of musicians and fans alike as decidedly postmodern: producing artifice over art. And while this has been a frequent, and often unfounded critique of the old guard's throughout the history of the music, it ...


Lage Lund: Unlikely Stories

Read "Unlikely Stories" reviewed by David Lighton

It is a great pleasure to watch the evolution of a musician--to witness the synthesis and refinement of ideas. And so it has been the case with Norwegian-born guitarist Lage Lund--who, in three short years of recording as a leader, has arrived at a new creative plateau.

Lund's first two recordings, Standards (Self Produced, 2007), and ...