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Kerry Politzer, Ella Fitzgerald and More

Read "Kerry Politzer, Ella Fitzgerald and More" reviewed by Joe Dimino

This week we channel the energy of today's British jazz scene with saxophonist Karen Sharp with music off her latest album The Sun, The Moon and You. From there, we take a look into a recent visit to Kansas City by the Portland-based pianist Kerry Politzer. We then feature Kerry's husband, George Colligan and get some ...


Recent Listening In Brief…

Recent Listening In Brief…

Frank Zappa (1940-1993), a gifted musician who dipped his toe into jazz, never demonstrated more than a smidgeon of what he knew about the genre. But he left us with the memorable observation, “Jazz isn’t dead. It just smells funny.” A web search shows that lesser wits have adapted Zappa’s line to all kinds of topics ...


Kerry Politzer: Below the Surface

Read "Below the Surface" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Pianist Kerry Politzer's relocation to Portland, Oregon seems to have given her music a boost. Always a fine mainstream artist, whether working the trio or quartet modes on Blue in Blue (Piloo Records, 2010) or Labyrinth (Palisonic Records, 2005), now her first “Portland disc," Below the Surface, finds her in a common quintet setting--trumpet/saxophone and rhythm ...


Enter the "Kerry Politzer - Below the Surface" Giveaway!

Enter the "Kerry Politzer - Below the Surface" Giveaway!

All About Jazz members are invited to enter the PJCE Records “Kerry Politzer - Below the Surface“ giveaway contest starting today. We'll select FIVE winners at the conclusion of the contest on June 23rd. Click here to enter the contest (Tracking Kerry Politzer at AAJ automatically enters you in the contest.) Good luck!
Your Friends at PJCE ...


Zach Brock: Purple Sounds

Read "Purple Sounds" reviewed by John Kelman

Virtuosity isn't defined by notes-per-minute; true virtuosity is instrumental mastery surrendering to the demands of the song. Sometimes that can mean shredding with furious intensity, yes; but the real deal also respects music that demands less, rather than more. Violinist Zach Brock is, indeed, the real deal, and Purple Sounds, his second release for Holland's Criss ...


George Colligan: The Endless Mysteries

Read "George Colligan: The Endless Mysteries" reviewed by John Kelman

While music fans often think of the artists they love as gifted people whose lives are consumed by the pursuit of their art, all-too-often they ignore equally important, if seemingly more mundane, needs: making a living, perhaps having a family...things to which most people aspire. With music sales on the decline, most musicians pay the rent ...


Kerry Politzer: Voice And Voicings

Read "Kerry Politzer: Voice And Voicings" reviewed by George Colligan

[ Editor's Note: The following interview is reprinted from George Colligan's blog, Jazztruth]

Kerry Politzer is one of my favorite musicians, period. (Yeah, she's my wife, you gotta problem wit dat? No, I see the potential conflict of interest, but hey, it's all about who you know, right?)

Seriously, Politzer is one ...


Kerry Politzer Quartet: Blue In Blue

Read "Blue In Blue" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Kerry Politzer vanta un percorso simile a quello di molti pianisti statunitensi. Approccio precoce allo strumento, studi al conservatorio, innamoramento per il jazz, primi riconoscimenti, album di debutto pluripremiato, ingaggi a go-go, coccolata da pubblico e discografici. Ma si sa il rischio di adagiarsi sugli allori è sempre dietro l'angolo e questo Blue in Blue sembra confermarlo. Perché è un album ...


Kerry Politzer Quartet: Blue in Blue

Read "Blue in Blue" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Two of the most enduring and popular ensemble set-ups in jazz are the piano trio--piano/bass/drums--and the piano trio, with a saxophone joining in. Pianist Kerry Politzer combines formats on Blue in Blue, with six tunes featuring her trio and four more with guest saxophonist Donny McCaslin.

While You Took Me In (Polisonic Records, 2007) featured ...


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American Rock Beauty
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