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Shawn Maxwell

Shawn Maxwell formed his style early on while growing up in the rich musical history of the Joliet, Illinois school music programs. From the time a clarinet and saxophone first touched his lips, Maxwell knew that music was his calling. With conviction and abilities that belied his age, it was equally clear to others that Shawn Maxwell was destined to be a musician. He quickly became a celebrated performer in the Joliet Central High School band program where his prowess as a soloist was on regular display. Shawn further refined his art in a post-secondary setting, absorbing all that his instructors could teach – earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Millikin University in 1999


Don Suhor: From Dixieland to Bopsieland

Read "Don Suhor: From Dixieland to Bopsieland" reviewed by Charles Suhor

This article first appeared in the 2016 issue of The Jazz Archivist.

My brother, Don Suhor, played clarinet and alto sax in a stunning variety of jazz contexts for over fifty-five years--almost exclusively in jny: New Orleans. I always felt frustrated by my brother's lack of concern with legacy. He made a few recordings ...


Peter Kuhn

Peter Kuhn made a name for himself in New York City’s “Loft Scene” in the mid to late 70’s. He played and recorded with Frank Lowe, Billy Bang, Lester Bowie, William Parker and others in that rich musical period with his music documented on Hat Hut (“Ghost of a Trance”), Soul Note (“The Kill”) his own label Big City Records (“Livin’ Right”). After a lengthy hiatus to deal with debilitating drug addiction. Peter is once again in the forefront of creative improvised music these last few years, playing with renewed passion and commitment no doubt supported by his trainings as a Zen Buddhist Priest and more than 30 years of recovery from active addiction

Melody Dornfeld

Melody Dornfeld began music lessons on piano at six years old, adding the clarinet five years later.  Growing up in a family of seven children, all who took music lessons, she grew much from an early age in listening to, performing, and teaching music.  She studied clarinet with  Dr. Ramon Kireilis, principal clarinetist of the Colorado Springs Symphony orchestra and professor of clarinet at the University of Denver, through the midst of attending five different schools during her high school years.  Music became an anchor and an avenue of personal expression as she graduated as valedictorian of the final high school and also took first place in the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Young Artists’ Competition, being noted by the Colorado Springs Gazette for “the depth of emotion” with which she played


Chris Greco

Award-winning composer and performer Chris Greco has followed a path in music of discovery and accumulation. He has composed and performed a broad and diverse range of jazz music, classical chamber, and concert hall music. He draws from the music traditions of the past and the present within the worlds of jazz, non-western music, twentieth century music, American popular music, and the classical repertoire. As a composer and multi-instrumentalist Greco's development was shaped in Los Angeles. Guided by a broad approach, and a searching curiosity Greco explored a variety of jazz styles, groups, and changing instrumental formats; duo, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, and large ensembles

Burchfield-Vituri Project

The Burchfield-Vituri Project is an ongoing series of collaborations between American saxophonist/woodwind doubler Tyler Burchfield and Brazilian guitarist Pedro Vituri. Influenced by modern and free jazz, traditional Brazilian music, modern classical, as well as funk and rock, Tyler and Pedro explore a wide sound palate, showcasing compositions and arrangements for duo, quartet, and larger ensemble, all of which can be heard on their debut album, Metonímia, released in March of 2018. Additionally, their versatility as performer-composers has served them well in collaborating on chamber music projects and film scores with other artists

Luca Luciano: Clarinet

Read "Clarinet" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Questo disco in solo di Luca Luciano è principalmente un saggio sulle sue doti di clarinettista. Doti di alto rilievo, sia dal punto di vista tecnico che interpretativo. Insegnante di clarinetto jazz e classico, presso il Leeds College of Music, in Inghilterra, Luciano ha già inciso un bel disco all'inizio del decennio col chitarrista Pietro Condorelli (Passione) e qualche ...