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Felipe Mendoza

Músico nacido el 23 de Mayo de 1988. Su incursión a la música no es la usual. A pesar de estar inmerso en ella desde pequeño con los discos de música clásica, boleros, música colombiana y demás que había en su casa y de tomar ocasionalmente clases de piano y guitarra en escuelas de barrio, no descubre el jazz, específicamente a John Scofield, hasta cuando entró a la universidad estudiando otra carrera. En el 2009 conoce al maestro Óscar Acevedo quien por un tiempo le ofrece guía en el género, y que posteriormente le presenta al maestro Enrique Mendoza, con quien estudia durante la mayor parte de su carrera en la Javeriana, iniciada en el año 2012

Robin Nitram

Born in Chamonix (Fr), raised in Normandie (Fr) and now living in Paris, Robin Nitram plays the guitar since he is a child. From high school rock band to jazz, music has always been part of his life. After graduated from the International Music Educators of Paris he is now playing, composing and teaching in Paris where he has recorded live his first solo album.


Brandon Vetrano

Coming out of the progressive Studio Composition program at the renowned Purchase Conservatory of Music, Brandon is known for his experimental, ethereal soundscape compositions that pique the ears, mind and soul. In addition to his compositional work, Brandon leads and performs in several Jazz ensembles in the New York area. He can be seen regularly performing with his own acclaimed Gypsy Jazz group throughout the country, The Bailsmen, and leads the eclectic Atlas Duo in addition to being a regular member of Sweet Megg and the Wayfarers, Bedlam Swing, Jazzingaro, Hot Club of Flatbush and many more


Prawit Siriwat

Brooklyn based guitarist and composer, Prawit “Wit” Siriwat, is endlessly dedicated to creating soundscapes that reflect the emotional momentum of our times. Whether it's through the simple yet natural beauty of acoustic strings or the bloopy-bloop filled electro-sonic worlds, Wit has a meditative approach to creating his musical pallet. Siriwat’s new compositions and songs can be heard live at venues throughout New York as he leads groups of incredible musicians that help him to actualize his progressive jazz-rock creations. The guitarist/composer is currently working on a duo record with his long-time musical partner, bassist and composer, Daniel Durst


Jan Mulder and the Jazz Winds Chamber Jazz Ensemble: Soundscapes

Read "Soundscapes" reviewed by Jim Olin

It opens with crackling fire, a ferocious roar of Mother Nature. Against the cookie-cutter atmosphere of much contemporary jazz, “The Thunderstorm" is a startling anomaly; jazz songs don't usually open to bolts of electricity. But straying from the norm is at the heart of Soundscapes, the new album from Jan Mulder and the Jazz Winds Chamber ...


Lew Tabackin Trio: Soundscapes

Read "Soundscapes" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

There's no substitute for experiencing jazz live. There are, however, some recordings that manage to do a damn good job coming close. This happens to be one of them. Noted jazz photographer Jimmy Katz, who's quickly developed a strong reputation as a recording engineer and producer who seeks to capture jazz in its ...


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