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John Carter: Echoes From Rudolph's

Read "Echoes From Rudolph's" reviewed by John Sharpe

Echoes From Rudolph's captures a pivotal moment in clarinetist John Carter's career, when he abandoned his saxophones and began specializing entirely on the woodwind wand. Reissued from 1977, the NoBusiness imprint has supplemented the original LP with a contemporaneous radio broadcast by the same unit. While there is some noise on the first disc as it ...


John Carter: Echoes from Rudolph's

Read "Echoes from Rudolph's" reviewed by Enrico Bettinello

Oggetto del desiderio di collezionisti e appassionati, documento centrale nell'evoluzione del disegno espressivo di John Carter, Echoes from Rudolph's, trova finalmente una sua diffusione in CD grazie alla NoBusiness.

Alle tracce del vinile originale, realizzato in un numero limitato di copie su etichetta Ibedon nel 1976, si aggiunge qui un secondo disco registrato ...