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Charlie Parker: Now's The Time

Read "Now's The Time" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

In the pantheon of jazz saxophonists, Charlie Parker has been among the most transformational of artists, despite not living nearly long enough to fulfill his potential. Parker's lifetime, as a principal architect of bebop, and a self-destructive force, has been documented ad nauseam but his music continues to significantly influence new generations. Since Parker's death in ...


Joe Albany: Now's The Time

Read "Now's The Time" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Pianist Joe Albany (1924-1988) is a musicological artifact within an art form full of them. Most recently, Albany has garnered attention through the movie and soundtrack Low Down (Bona Fide Productions, 2014, directed by Jeff Priess) based on the bracing, stream-of-conscience memoire written by his daughter, Amy-Jo Albany. His is a story told many times: near-genius ...


Christy Doran's New Bag: Now's The Time

Read "Now's The Time" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

La partenza aggressiva di “Five-Four Afro" toglie ogni dubbio: il fatto che questo quinto album del gruppo New Bag guidato dall'irlandese Christy Doran (residente in Svizzera da parecchi decenni) sia dichiaratamente un lavoro acustico non toglie neppure un grammo al peso specifico del progetto. Il pianoforte di Hans-Peter Pfammatter viene pestato a dovere e tiene la strada anche nelle ...