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Steve Khan: Patchwork

Read "Patchwork" reviewed by John Kelman

Amongst the many myths out there about music-making—especially in jazz, where the improvisation quotient is often so high—is that composing may, indeed, be work, but doesn't require the kind of relentless attention to detail that far more truthfully defines how many artists write and arrange their music. These days, one need only look to music by ...


Label: Self Produced
Released: 2014
Track listing: How Can I Be Sure?; Steppin' Up (And Steppin' Around); Vincent; When Eyes Meet; Ceora; Fall For Me; Lonesome Tears; Open To Your Advances; First Flight.


Matt Garrison: Patchwork

Read "Patchwork" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Instead of simply homing in on one specific musical coordinate, saxophonist Matt Garrison decided to widen his focus and hit a few different targets with his third album. The aptly-titled Patchwork finds him looking toward “initial musical influence, educational influences, and current outcomes." It's a collection of Garrison's personalized yesterday-meets-today musical scenarios. It's ...


Label: Caligola Records
Released: 2013
Track listing: 1. Bee (C.Fasoli); 2. Never Mind (C.Fasoli); 3. Kind of Her (C.Fasoli); 4.Short Wave (L. Calgaro); 5. My Father's Eyes (L. Calgaro); 6. Protocol (G. Bertancini); 7. Blizzard (M. Calgaro); 8. Duet (C. Fasoli).


Claudio Fasoli Four: Patchwork

Read "Patchwork" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

La capacità di sorprendere è un comportamento virtuoso che in genere determina varianti qualitative nelle opere d'ingegno. Disattendere le aspettative del pubblico è compito affidato a pochi eletti e quando riesce determina nel fruitore più attento appagamento emotivo e intellettivo, mantenedo vivo l'interesse per ciò che riceve in dono dal musicista. Claudio Fasoli, che sa regalare ...


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